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LOL:---Alcoholic and the Police

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Date: Aug 10,2020 View:1260

A policeman parked his police car outside a notorious bar, ready to arrest those gangsters who drunk driving at any time. Suddenly, he saw a young man staggering out of the bar. It took a lot of effort to find his car and get in, and then started to start the car.

The police focused all their attention on the young man, without noticing that someone in the bar was coming out and driving away. When almost all the cars in the parking lot were gone, the young man hadn't started the car. The policeman couldn't bear it. He rushed over and pulled the young man out of the cab and tested him for alcohol. The test result is shocking, the alcohol content is 0. The police asked the young man to explain all this. The young man said, "Today, my responsibility is to distract the police."