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Super Tractor Truck Launched---600HP Dongfeng KX Series

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Date: Aug 19,2020 View:1714

In recent years, products with high horsepower, low fuel consumption and high reliability have become the development trend of the efficient logistics industry. The launch of 
Dongfeng Tianlong KX National Six 600 horsepower is Dongfeng Commercial Vehicles providing customers with more efficient, reliable and customized logistics solutions.

Another strategic move of At the same time as the emission upgrade, the product performance has been synchronized iteratively upgraded, so that the vehicle can accurately achieve the optimal matching of power, fuel saving, operating cost, comfort and reliability, and durability in the diverse transportation scenarios of customers.

The core upgrade of the National VI Dongfeng Tianlong KX is equipped with the Z14NS6 B600 engine, which meets the National VI b emission standard, with a maximum output of 600 horsepower and a peak torque of 2750N.m! The engine adopts eight important lightweight designs such as overhead camshaft structure, new materials for valve chamber cover and oil pan, and optimized design of cylinder block. Compared with the National V version, the weight is reduced by 250 kg, which is powerful and more fuel-efficient!

The matching gearbox is Dongfeng Longqing DT1428 gearbox, and it also matches Voith's hydraulic retarder.The rear axle adopts Dongfeng 440 rear axle. Truckers can choose the most suitable power configuration according to their cargo and working conditions.