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Say NO to Fatigue Driving---8 Ways to Help You Stay Alert on Long Distance Driving

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Date: Oct 13,2020 View:2079

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As a truck driver, we need to always think of ways to stay away from fatigued driving. We can't take every small signal of malaise lightly. Don't take risks for the sake of some so-called timeliness and economic benefits. All factors are insignificant in the face of safety! In the world of truckers, safety is fundamental, safety is king, safety is capital, and safety is everything for truckers! 
1. Take a break before long-distance driving
Fatigue driving has long been included in illegal behavior. In the case of improper rest, the driver will easily fall into a state of languidness during long-distance driving, and the reaction time in the face of an accident will also become longer. Experts suggest that the night before entering the highway, drivers should sleep for at least 6 to 7 hours. 
2. Avoid overeating
If you don’t want to fall into ignorance on the highway, you'd better quit the habit of overeating before driving. Over-tasting food or overeating can make people feel sleepy, which increases driving risks. Therefore, before long-distance driving, the driver's diet should be mainly light and not too full. 

3. Change eyesight during driving

Do not stare at the road while driving, because when the eyeballs are not moving for a long time, the driver can easily fall into a trance. During the driving, the driver should pay attention to change his sight, and even enjoy the scenery on both sides. But be aware that all this should be done without disturbing the driver's attention.

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4. Pay attention to rest
During long-distance driving, the driver should pay attention to rest. Experts suggest that every 2 hours of driving, drivers should go to the service area or gas station for a short break. The continuous driving time should not exceed 4 hours, and the recommended parking rest time should not be less than 20 minutes. The driver can step out of the car to do some activities in order to keep a clear head. You can also make full use of some traffic jam time on the way to supplement sleep. 

5. Turn on the radio or music function
During long-distance driving, the driver can turn on the radio or music function on the car to drive away burnout. If you are in high spirits, you can also switch roles, sing along to the music, and come to a [Brother Driving Truck], absolutely It is a good way to relieve fatigue. What needs to be reminded is that it is not advisable to listen to too soft music during driving, so as not to fall into a drowsy situation. 

6. Correct driving posture
Drivers should correct their driving posture. Both forward and backward leaning postures are easy to make people feel tired and fall into a hypnotized state. The driver should straighten his waist and hold the steering wheel with both hands in a relaxed state.

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7. Avoid driving long distances alone
In the case of long-distance driving, the driver should bring at least one person with driving qualifications to accompany him in order to alternate driving. In this case, the driver can reduce the probability of stopping in an area with poor security to avoid threats to safety. In addition, when accompanied by someone, the probability of a driver entering a "road hypnosis" state will also be greatly reduced. 

8. Make good use of windows and air conditioning
If you want to stay awake in comfortable conditions, the driver needs to ensure that the vehicle is well ventilated. In the hot summer, the air-conditioning system can keep the temperature in the car moderate, so as not to let the driver fall into a state of fainting. In winter, drivers should open the windows to breathe while resting to stay awake. 

The above are the common methods and tricks that everyone commonly used to avoid fatigue driving, so that everyone can benefit together. I hope everyone can stay away from fatigue driving and have a smooth journey!

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1. Take a break every 2-3 hours
2. Put your seat upright
3. Turn off cruise control
4. Sip on some caffeine
5. Roll down your windows
6. Sing