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Super Practical Truck Maintenance Skills

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Date: Nov 05,2020 View:1537


In daily life, truck drivers may more or less have some truck repair and maintenance skills, but not all the skills are practical. The editor is here to prepare practical repair and maintenance skills for the majority of truckers. I hope that the truckers will travel safely all the way.

dongfeng tractor truck which can hold semi trailer

1. Check the battery (truck parts). If the battery is used for more than four years, it will not work properly in the cold winter, and there may be some hope in the warm weather.

2, Save fuel. Experienced drivers know that emergency braking and acceleration are the most fuel-intensive, and unnecessary emergency braking and acceleration should be avoided during driving.

3. Check the air pressure. Generally speaking, low tire pressure will accelerate wear and increase fuel consumption. In order to extend the life of the tire, the tire pressure should be checked and inflated to the pressure recommended by the manufacturer.

4. Flush brake fluid regularly. The brake fluid in the truck will absorb moisture and cause severe corrosion to the brake system, so it is best to flush and replace the brake fluid every two years.

5. Unblock the hose. The overheating of the truck's engine is mainly caused by the hose being blocked or being too tightly hooped. Check the hose carefully when changing the oil.

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6. Monitor the catalytic converter. If you hear a whistle or smell rotten eggs when parking, it is likely that the exhaust gas catalyst is blocked. In this case, driving fuel consumption or even damage the engine.

7. Check the coolant color. Regarding the coolant, if its color changes, it means that the inhibitor in it is exhausted, which will corrode the engine and radiator.

8. Check the tire surface. In use, tire wear is a normal phenomenon. If tire wear is serious and irregular, it may be due to a problem with wheel positioning or worn-out front parts.

9. Replace with synthetic lubricant. Compared with traditional lubricants, the use of synthetic lubricants can not only improve truck operating efficiency, but also keep the engine clean more effectively.

10. Check the air conditioning system. Regarding the temperature in the car, it should not be hot and cold, and should be maintained at a comfortable temperature. To ensure this, the truck’s air conditioning system must be checked regularly. 

To drive thousands of miles safely, daily inspection and maintenance are very important. Therefore, if you want a vehicle to better serve the driver, you must check and maintain the vehicle regularly. Early prevention, early detection and early maintenance are very important. Good vehicle maintenance can not only reduce maintenance costs, but also extend the service life of the entire vehicle. Less money spent on maintenance of vehicles on the road means more money for drivers.

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