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Ten secrets you need to know about truck cleaning

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Date: Nov 14,2020 View:2284

Trucks can be divided into super heavy trucks, heavy trucks, medium trucks, light trucks and mini trucks according to different types. Trucks are mainly used for transporting goods from all over the country. It is unavoidable that the car will become dirty when traveling long distances. At this time, the truck needs to be cleaned. At this time, we should not underestimate the car wash. Car washing is also a must-know knowledge, so what secrets do we need to know about truck washing?




1. The truck should not be cleaned under the scorching sun when cleaning. Washing the car under high temperature exposure will leave dry water drops on the car.


2. The water used for cleaning trucks should be soft water. Alkaline water, hot water and water with high hardness should not be used for cleaning. These substances will damage the paint of the truck.


3. When the truck is cleaning, it is not allowed to use soap, decontamination powder and detergent in laundry, because the ingredients in these detergents all contain alkali, and alkali will act as the grease on the paint surface and accelerate the paint surface The aging time.


4. Do not use a cloth dipped in or containing oil stains or touch the body with your hands. If the stains are left on the body, the paint will fade too early.


5. If there are any extremely corrosive stains on the car body, it should be to find the corresponding solution. You can not blindly choose which stain remover. If you encounter the above situation, we can use a cleaning sponge to dip a small part Use gasoline or kerosene to gently wipe the stained area, and then apply polishing paste to the wiped area. If you are cleaning oil stains on lamps, steering wheels, rubber parts, etc., we can use ordinary soapy water to clean them. Can not use those detergents and thinners to clean.




6. Avoid washing the car in very cold weather. Do not wash the car in cold weather. If the car body freezes, it will cause the paint and film to crack.


7. Do not use cleaning tools with hard texture for cleaning, because hard cleaning tools will damage the paint surface of the truck.


8. When the truck is being cleaned, it should not be cleaned before the engine is completely cooled. This will cause the engine to age prematurely.


9. Do not use high-pressure water to clean the car body, because excessive water pressure will directly damage the paint surface of the car body. If the truck has hard soil, it should be moistened with water first, and then washed with water.


10. After the car body is cleaned, many people like to wipe, but we should pay attention to two very key issues when we wipe. The first is that the cloth used for wiping in this case should be relatively soft. Or use a special cleaning sponge, and secondly, when wiping, it should follow the direction of the water flow to wipe from top to bottom.