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Steps to replace Truck Engine Oil Filter

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Date: Nov 19,2020 View:1818

 If you have a rich driving experience, you can become a master repairer yourself. The engine oil filter is one of the common maintenance parts and needs to be replaced regularly. If you can solve it by yourself, you can save time, effort and money! Here is a brief introduction to the steps to replace the truck oil filter. If you are not skilled in the operation, it is recommended to ask a professional to replace it.
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New engine oil filter, lubricating oil
Torque wrench, rag, oil pan

1.Unscrew the oil plug and use the oil receiver to drain all the old oil in the engine. Spread engine oil evenly on the rubber ring of the new filter.
2.After the oil is completely drained, install the oil drain plug, take out the old machine filter, and screw the new filter to the machine filter seat freely by hand.
3.Use a torque wrench to tighten the filter according to the torque in the maintenance manual. The filter seal ring is made of special material, please do not use excessive force when tightening, so as not to cause difficulty in disassembly.

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4.Clean the oil around the filter.
5.Add oil, tighten the oil filler cap after adding, and check the oil level.
6.Start the engine at idle speed and accelerate for a period of time, check for leaks, and recheck the oil level after stopping for a few minutes. If there is no oil leakage, the replacement is complete
The most common type of oil filter is a spin-on oil filter element. This filter element cannot be removed and washed. When changing the lubricating oil, the oil filter element must be replaced at the same time, otherwise it will affect the quality of the lubricating oil.
Be sure to check the upper seat of the oil filter before replacement. If the seal ring of the old filter sticks to the contact surface of the upper seat, please clean it in time.

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