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Have you paid attention to the basic maintenance of semi-trailers?

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Date: Nov 28,2020 View:1951




On busy roads, all vehicles are driving to their destinations. No matter how good your car is, you must pay attention to maintenance. Just like people, if you don't pay attention to maintenance, various skin problems will appear. The person who cherishes the car most is its owner. How do car owners maintain their car? Today, I will discuss with you how to maintain your truck.

The most important thing for semi-trailers in summer is the rainy season, in addition to skidding and having good driving habits and skills. Brake and tire maintenance are also driving safety. There is a lot of rain in summer, so pay attention to the paint on the exterior of the car. The acidic components in rainwater are easy to corrode the car paint, and the car body can be waxed and sealed. The chassis is rust-proof. The chassis is closest to the ground and is prone to corrosion. Therefore, we must pay attention to the cleaning and anti-rust treatment of the chassis.

Brake fluid; driving is most afraid of brake failure, the brake is the most critical part of the truck. One of the guarantees for us to drive safely, the life of brake fluid is generally two years. We should replace the brake fluid at an appropriate time. When changing the brake fluid, we must drain the old brake fluid before replacing it with a new one to avoid mixing the old with the new one. After the change is complete, step on the two-foot brakes in the open territory and try. Let the air in the oil escape.

Have you paid attention to the basic maintenance of semi-trailers?

The possible cause of gearbox burnout is; lubrication failure, gears are not lubricated. It burns when it generates high temperature. There is also the symptom of burning gearbox when the gear is stuck. Therefore, the transmission oil must also be added. The same is true for steering wheel oil. Sometimes, you may feel that the steering wheel is heavy. It is best to use semi-synthetic oil.

In the rainy season, pay attention to the line connection of the car, or the intrusion of rain. Before driving, be sure to check all items of the car to see if they are normal. Especially car tires, car tires are the most important part, especially the tire of the steering wheel

How often do the tires of semi-trailers change? Let me talk about the two on the cab first, how to see whether the tires are replaced. It is to see whether the belts on the tires are badly worn and whether the steel rims are deformed. A tire can run 100,000 kilometers as long as it is not overloaded or the road conditions are complicated. The replaced tires can be trailer up and down.

Refrigerant is generally used in winter for fear of not being able to hit the car. Therefore, in winter, the semi-trailer will add refrigerant. Not only do you add refrigerant to trucks, you also add refrigerant to trolleys to survive the winter. If there is insufficient refrigerant, just add it directly.
It must be maintained while driving, so as to bring better benefits. Finally, I wish all drivers a safe and smooth driving. Go home early to reunite with your family.

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