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On the plateau, Navara undergoes the ultimate test

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Date: Dec 01,2020 View:2324

 Zhengzhou Nissan Navara National Sixth Edition AT Model Plateau Explores Full Scene Lifestyle
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Everyone has a travel dream in their minds, and there must be a direction in Tibet. Life is short, you might as well be bold, a pickup truck, it is impossible to challenge once.
From November 16th to November 21st, Zhengzhou Nissan, with the theme of "Climbing the Peak to the Extreme, Traveling for Dreams", assembled the national media to enter the roof of the world, and drove the AT model of the National Sixth Edition of Navarre to a plateau. Exploration journey. The total length of this event is 450 kilometers. The overall performance of the vehicle has been tested by the natural environment of the plateau, and it has also shown its powerful strength to the outside world on the plateau.
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See the scenery everywhere
The convoy first drove to the "highest green secret on earth"-Nanyigou, known as "Tibetan Medicine King Valley", with a depth of 40 kilometers. The initial section winding south from Shanzeju is the middle section of development where boulders and potholes are intertwined. Flying sand and rocks, ups and downs and bumps along the way are a big test for the off-road performance of the vehicle.

Thanks to Nissan’s high-end professional pickup platform, the chassis of the Navara National VI AT model has a 32-degree approach angle, a 25-degree departure angle, and a minimum ground clearance of 214mm. The passability is super strong and all road conditions can be controlled. Not only that, the chassis that has been carefully adjusted by Nissan engineers is very tough, and the road conditions are well filtered. In addition, the space cabin-style open driving space and the perfect package of aerospace-grade zero-gravity leather seats ensure off-road performance. At the same time without losing comfort.After the turbulence, going up from a small intestine path is the real journey of exploration. Fir forests, villages, sea buckthorn, clouds, snow-capped mountains, streams, meadows, as well as cows, sheep and Tibetan pigs everywhere, it can be said to be one step at a time, and the scenery is everywhere. Tropical, subtropical, temperate and frigid climates are compatible and coexist here, and it is no more than that. 

The so-called dangerous road can only meet the wonders, such as the primitive beauty of Nanyigou, the road to set foot in is like a maze. Steep mountain slopes, simple wooden bridges, slippery meadow moss, fallen logs everywhere, and even natural shell pits. Tossing and turning between such primitive mountains and forests, it is inevitable to encounter deep pits and slippery conditions that cause wheel skidding. At this time, the all-terrain electronically controlled time-sharing four-wheel drive system of the Navara National Six AT model will quickly intervene, with The newly added ASR (Drive Anti-Slip System) and TCS (Traction Control System) of the vehicle can immediately apply brakes on the slippery side, distribute the power reasonably, and keep the wheels on both sides synchronized, so as to easily get out of trouble. It has to be said that the further upgrade of the off-road capability of the Navare National VI AT models is a strong confidence to explore the secrets. 
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For thousands of miles, the peaks live up to the passers-by

The next day, the convoy moved from the primitive calmness of Nanyigou to the extraordinary workmanship of the "world's largest canyon" on the Yarlung Zangbo River. The two rivers converge, one clear and one turbid, one green and one yellow. The place where they meet is like a natural barrier. After the Niyang River flows into the Yajiang River, it will flow upstream, forming a backflow wonder. The fleet travels along the river. Although it is at a high altitude of several kilometers, the QR25 high-efficiency engine of the Navara National VI AT model has a maximum power of 140Kw and a peak torque of 235N·m, providing a steady stream of powerful Power output, whether it is starting or accelerating at high speeds is very good.

The original imported JATCO gearbox 7-speed AT of the Navara National Six AT model and the Nissan QR25 high-efficiency engine work perfectly. The gear shifts are smooth and unsettling on the way, the speed is increased by deep pedal, and the downshift efficiency is also high. Still calmly speeding up to overtake. Step on the accelerator, and the snow-covered mountains in front come, accompanied by the roar of the engine, as if driving in the clouds. The peaks live up to the passers-by. Nanga Bawa, which is 7,782 meters above sea level, is known as the "Shy Nv Peak". The triangular-shaped mountain pierces the sky, covered with snow and mist all year round, but we were lucky enough to see the truth. The turquoise water rushes towards Nanga Bawa in the distance, just as people feel hot when they think of the distance. 

Making a U-turn with Nanga Bawa as the center, the convoy made a sharp turn straight down to the north bank of the Yarlung Zangbo River Grand Canyon. Every part of the 4000-meter plateau is breathtakingly beautiful. From the foot of the mountain to the top of the mountain, there are broad-leaved forests, coniferous forests, shrubs, and meadows. In the late autumn when this season alternates, it is really a layer of a world, one grass and one flower. The most surprising thing is that we use a thousand-foot cantilever wall as a barrier, meandering and descending straight, challenging tight mountain roads, continuous hairpin bends, continuous undulating and small S bends, the vehicle’s ROP active rollover prevention, HSA slope Safety technology configurations such as the road assist function, VDC vehicle dynamic control system, and AVM360 panoramic imaging system are instantly online at all times, ensuring the accuracy and stability of the control along the way, and the fleet is integrated with the natural beauty.
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The exploration continues
Once, a pickup truck was a tool truck, a delivery truck, and a transport truck. In 2017, Zhengzhou Nissan Navara was born, with the image of "the first domestic high-end SUV-class pickup truck", breaking the old image of traditional pickup trucks in the minds of consumers, and the "tough, rough, free and conquering" pickup truck feelings also Is rooted in the hearts of domestic consumers.

From 2018 to 2019, consecutively conquered top domestic cross-country races such as the Tour of the Towers and the Silk Road Rally, and won 22 championship honors. The brilliant race results attracted a large number of fans. Navara once again let the race culture and cross-country life deepen Human heart. 
In 2020, under the new role definition of "the advocate of new pickup truck life", Zhengzhou Nissan will take the Navara National Sixth Edition AT model test drive as an opportunity to set off again and experience Tibetan culture, cycling, and paddling. The full-scene lifestyle of pickup trucks such as boats, camping, homestays, motorcycle tours, and music is integrated into the high-altitude off-road test drive. It not only shows the media and the public the excellent quality and multi-functional use of the product, but also shows that pickups are not limited to races, The rich cultural connotations beyond off-road.

The heart's direction is omnipresent, and the exploration of "GO ANYWHERE" continues. It is foreseeable that Zhengzhou Nissan will not only gain a broader market with the launch of the AT model of the 6th version of Navara, but will also work with more consumers to explore a more colorful pickup culture in China.

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