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How to troubleshoot the Sewage Suction Truck

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Date: May 11,2021 View:2452

 Vacuum sewage suction truck is one of the vehicles widely used in the sanitation department. It is inevitable that there will be some malfunctions when it is used frequently. For experienced driver, the fault can be solved in one step. Most people are helpless in the face of failure. In order to solve the problem better and faster, quickly enter the working state.
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The failure of vacuum sewage suction truck can be divided into three parts: one is the failure of the drive system (such as steering, braking, transmission, etc.); the second is the oil circuit failure; the third is the circuit failure.

When the vacuum sewage suction truck breaks down while driving, don't worry, and don't be blind. Be sure to calm down first and carefully analyze the cause by observing the fault indicator. Through the working principle, judge and distinguish the problem, find out the point of failure. In order to distinguish the oil circuit from the oil circuit fault, it is usually necessary to listen to the sound, smell and vibration.

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(1) Sudden flameout or slow flameout can be judged as a circuit failure; slow flameout or continuous "jumping" phenomenon of the vehicle is mostly oil circuit failure.

(2) If there is no central high-voltage fire or sub-cylinder fire, it is a circuit failure. If a high-pressure fire occurs, the problem lies in the oil circuit. Mechanical failures are often accompanied by abnormal noises. The sound changes with the speed of the vehicle and disappears when the vehicle stops. It has no direct relationship with the oil circuit failure.



(3) Adopt the "step-by-step negation" method to lock the "focus" in a specific place, first find out what kind of fault it belongs to, and first check whether the external is abnormal. For example, whether the wire is open or short-circuited, whether the connection part is loose, whether there is the smell of burning wires in the engine, whether the oil pipe is leaking, etc. This is what we usually call "odor" to find faults.




Circuit barriers are divided into high-voltage circuit failures and low-voltage circuit failures. In actual use, about 60% of vehicle failures are circuit failures, and 30% are oil circuit failures. Most of these faults can be eliminated by themselves. Only about 10% of them are drive system failures. These faults are mechanical faults. Most vehicles can still drive in the event of an accident, so you should go to the nearest authorized repair station for repairs.


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The analysis method of our vacuum cleaner truck failure is to allow the driver of the vacuum cleaner truck to make a judgment when encountering a fault, so as to find and repair it early to avoid affecting the vehicle. Yixin Sanitation mainly produces sanitation vehicles such as vacuum sewage trucks, sweeping and vacuuming vehicles, sprinklers, garbage trucks, and high-pressure sweeping trucks. If you want to know the price and configuration of the vacuum sewage suction truck, please contact us from www.cn-dfm.com