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How to maintain the truck in summer? These matters should pay special attention to!

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Date: Jun 24,2021 View:2233

 These matters should pay special attention to! As July approaches, temperatures around the country are gradually rising, which not only brings a lot of inconvenience to drivers, but also increases a lot of safety risks! Keep in mind the following points. Drive safely and get out of the way.

1. Use and maintenance of air conditioning:

Air conditioning is not cool is lack of fluoride? No! It may also be the radiator foreign body accumulation cover, leading to the failure of the refrigeration system, and even cause safety risks!

How to solve it? Drivers can choose their own cleaning, can also choose professional shop cleaning, the cost between 100 and 200 yuan.

Start the vehicle in summer do not start the air conditioning immediately. First of all, open the window for a few minutes to remove the heat. Turn on the air conditioning, so that the effect is better.

2. Check the truck circuit regularly:

Summer temperature is too high, the car circuit is easy to aging, if the car age reaches more than 6 years, in the travel must check whether the circuit system is safe,
otherwise it may cause the results of spontaneous combustion of the vehicle.


3. Check whether the wipers, lights, turn signals and other functions are working normally in time, try to use the original size of accessories, otherwise it may lead to excessive load of the circuit system.

4. Flammable and explosive goods are prohibited in the car! Items such as lighters, perfumes, etc.


5. Check whether the tire pressure is normal regularly. In summer, the ground temperature is too good, and the truck is in a state of long-term exercise. Drivers must pay attention to check tire pressure in summer.


Safety is no small matter, responsibility is greater than the day. Security is no small matter, everyone talks about security. Regular inspection and maintenance of the various parts of the vehicle can better extend the service life of the truck. Wish all the drivers friends driving thousands of miles, carefree!