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How to maintain truck tires in summer? Pay attention to these points

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Date: Jul 19,2021 View:2030

 Entering mid-July, in the scorching summer, the surface temperature has risen sharply, which not only increases the driving pressure, but also greatly increases the potential safety hazards. Many truck drivers often encounter tire blowouts in the situation. Doing these points can greatly reduce the potential safety hazards.

1. Check the appearance of the tire and pay attention to the age of the tire

(1) Checking the appearance is the most intuitive and effective method. Observe whether the tire surface is cracked, the degree of pattern wear, and the age of the tire. If the tire is severely damaged, has been used too many times or the age is too long, replace the tire in time.

2. Frequently check the tire pressure, and take a long time to clean the tires

(1) In high-temperature weather, due to the overheating of the ground, the probability of dangerous accidents will increase. Truck drivers should check the tire pressure in the market to prevent unbalanced wear of the tires, leading to dangerous situations such as punctures or skidding. At the same time, clean the tires from time to time, and clean up the gravel and small stones between the patterns.

3. Reduce emergency braking and strictly prohibit overloading and overspeeding

(1) Because the truck is too heavy and often keeps the load state, frequent emergency braking will cause the brake pads to be overloaded, which will cause the brakes to fail. At the same time, overloading and overspeeding are not allowed. Overloading and overspeeding will cause excessive load on truck components, increase driving hazards, and reduce truck service life.

4. Pay attention to the temperature of the tires and pay attention to the driving conditions

(1) After the truck is driving for a long distance, the surface temperature of the tire will rise rapidly. At this time, we cannot directly use cold water to cool down. If we use cold water to cool down, the thermal expansion and contraction of the rubber may cause the tire to deform. The correct way is to stop the car. Go to the shade and cool down automatically. At the same time, we must pay attention to the road conditions during the trip, and observe whether there are nails, glass, big pits and other driving conditions that are not conducive to driving.

5. Fatigue driving is not allowed, drunk driving must be prohibited

(1) In addition to the above tire maintenance, fatigue driving, drunk driving and other behaviors are also strictly prohibited, which not only easily leads to serious traffic accidents, but also revokes the driving qualification. There is no minor problem in driving, and safety depends on everyone.

Finally, I wish you all the card friends a smooth journey.