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Business minibus? Dongfeng Sharing-VAN Concept Car

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Date: Aug 27,2021 View:1987

 In the growing automobile industry, different forms of automobiles have evolved, among which we are familiar with automobiles such as family cars, SUVs, urban buses, and industrial trucks. Recently, a new form of car-commercial bus has appeared. What exactly is a commercial bus? Next, let us take a look.
The new Dongfeng Sharing-VAN concept car was officially released on July 29, 2020. The difference from the past is that the car released this time is a new type of car-a commercial bus. According to the official introduction, the car is the first domestically developed 5G autonomous driving platform that can achieve L4 level autonomous driving, and it is a product under the Dongfeng autonomous driving industry technology ecological chain
Sharing-VPN mobile travel service platform is a new research and development result that combines the design philosophy of "Quality·Enjoy the heart" and the latest "five modernizations (lightweight, electrified, intelligent, networked, and shared)" technology. Its main application For public travel.
In terms of appearance, it adopts a futuristic and technological style, the overall shape is square and square, but the corners are treated with sharp edges and corners, and the body uses a large area of glass covering design. The car comes standard with an LED display, multiple cameras, side-by-side doors and other designs. In addition, the car has reserved a license plate frame, whether it indicates that the car's research and development technology has reached the level of on the road.
Inside the car, the new car is equipped with brown leather seats and a perforated design. At the same time, there is a central armrest and a cup holder between two adjacent seats to ensure the comfort of passengers in the car. In addition, the car is equipped with a large-area display on one side of the car, which can display information such as speed and map.
The release of Sharing-VPN foretells the rapid development of the automotive industry and also represents the rapid progress of the domestic automotive industry. I believe that this brand-new concept car will enter our family soon.