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Selection items and maintenance methods of truck-mounted crane

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Date: Sep 10,2021 View:3623

 Precautions for the selection of truck-mounted cranes

1. The lifting conditions used by the truck crane

Before choosing a truck-mounted crane, customers should first consider their own operating conditions, that is, comprehensively consider the quality of the hoisted goods, the working range and the lifting height of the goods. For example, the maximum lifting mass of the SQ16 truck-mounted crane is 16t, but there is no clear regulation on how far the boom can lift 16t. If the rated lifting capacity of the truck-mounted crane is 3m and 16t, then this type of truck-mounted crane is definitely not acceptable when the 16t cargo is at the 4m position. In addition, the lifting quality of the crane with the truck is closely related to the length of the boom. The longer the boom of the same lifting capacity is, the lower the lifting capacity is. Therefore, when the working range is long and the lifting height is required, it is best for the customer to communicate with the manufacturer's technicians and decide to carry the crane. The second is that the truck mounted crane works best when 70% to 90% of the maximum load is reached. Therefore, the rated lifting capacity of the crane that chooses the truck-mounted crane is a little higher than the actual one.

Truck-mounted crane (lift truck) cylinder head: use low-quality fuel: incomplete combustion brings more combustion residues; serious afterburning phenomenon increases exhaust gas temperature, and technical measures are not taken in time; cylinder lubrication Inappropriate alkali number. In addition, some diesel engines are pulling cylinders due to long-term overload operation, increased thermal load, overheating expansion, or poor alignment of moving parts. Repair and assembly errors: When repairing assembly errors, the piston pin snap ring is missing or not fully installed, the piston pin leaps out and scratches the cylinder liner when the diesel engine is working, causing the cylinder to be pulled. The cleaning work during installation is poor, and metal chips or hard particles are removed. Bringing into the cylinder will also cause the cylinder to be pulled. In addition, the piston ring is installed incorrectly, reversely, or missing can cause the cylinder to be pulled. The piston ring is divided into an oil ring and a gas ring. The oil ring is mainly used to scrape oil and improve the lubrication of the cylinder liner. Conditions. The gas ring is mainly to ensure the seal between the piston and the cylinder liner. According to the different working conditions and the pressure, the material selection and structural design of each gas ring are different, such as the wrong, reverse or missing installation of the piston ring It can cause poor sealing or no oil scraping effect, worsening the lubrication condition of the inner surface of the cylinder liner, causing oil shortage and causing the cylinder to pull.

The main contents of truck crane maintenance include lubrication, anti-corrosion, cleaning, adjustment and replacement of parts, etc. The maintenance and maintenance of truck cranes are generally classified as follows.

(1) Daily maintenance: This is the external maintenance of the truck mounted crane such as cleaning, inspection, refueling, etc., which is undertaken by the operator and is part of the shift.

   (2) Level 1 maintenance: Inspection and maintenance of vulnerable parts of the crane, including cleaning, lubrication, partial and key disassembly and adjustment of the crane, are generally undertaken by the operator under the guidance of full-time maintenance personnel.

   (3) Secondary maintenance: Carry out strict inspection and repair on the truck mounted crane. Including the replacement of parts, repairing the accuracy of the truck-mounted crane, etc. It is undertaken by full-time maintenance technicians.

(4) Minor repairs: This is a partial repair with the least workload, and only partial repairs, replacements and adjustments are carried out.

(5) Intermediate repair: This is a planned repair with a large workload. The sewage treatment plant arranges once every 1-3 years. The content includes replacement and repair of the main parts of the truck-mounted crane, inspection of the entire truck-mounted crane, and adjustments and corrections. The truck-mounted crane can meet the due technical standards.

(6) Overhaul: This is a planned repair with the largest workload, including the complete disassembly, inspection, repair, replacement, adjustment of the truck-mounted crane, and finally re-assembly into a new complete machine, and repainting the exterior of the truck-mounted crane Or paint. It is usually done only once in a few years or even ten years, and it can be done by a professional (repair) factory.

(7) Planned pre-repair of the truck-mounted crane: During the use of the truck-mounted crane, parts and key components will continue to "wear", which will affect the performance, efficiency and safety of the truck-mounted crane.

What is the impact of wheelbase on truck-mounted crane performance: short wheelbase is not a disadvantage but an advantage. Short wheelbase is not a disadvantage but an advantage: short wheelbase not only enhances the passability in the field, but also increases the handling and safety at high speeds. From a design perspective, the wheelbase is a very important parameter, which is closely related to the performance of the vehicle. The wheelbase determines the position of the center of gravity of the car. Therefore, once the vehicle wheelbase is changed, the overall layout design must be stopped, especially the size of the drive train and body parts, the spring and shock absorber parameters in the suspension system, and the steering trapezoidal tie rod size in the steering system must be re-adjusted. At the same time, the change of the wheelbase will also cause changes in the front and rear axle load distribution, so it is necessary to consider the impact of these factors on the braking, handling and ride comfort of the car. 

Therefore, the wheelbase parameter must be noted in the automobile technical performance table, which is enough to show that it has a very important reference role.

What is the big influence of wheelbase on truck-mounted crane performance: Short wheelbase is not a disadvantage but an advantage. From the perspective of use, the most intuitive effect of wheelbase on truck-mounted crane is the length of the car body, which in turn affects the external use space of the car . For example, the wheelbase of Xiaobawang models is generally 3000-3300, and its back seat space is small. The wheelbase of the Westerly 145 or Westerly 153 is generally 3950-5200. Because the back seat space is relatively large. Therefore, the wheelbase of the car determines the length of the body and the space and comfort of the body.

On the other hand, the length of the wheelbase affects the passability and stability of the truck-mounted crane. The truck-mounted crane with a short wheelbase has a shorter length, a smaller mass, and a correspondingly smaller turning radius and passing radius, so it is easier to pass through. Narrow road conditions, such as construction sites, winding roads, etc., but the wheelbase is too short, and the center of gravity is too close to the crane support point (tire grounding point), the maneuverability and stability are poor, and it is greatly affected by terrain fluctuations, and it is easy to roll over; The center of gravity of the truck with a long wheelbase is farther apart from the supporting points, and the driving will be more stable, and it is not easy to roll over. However, the turning radius is large and the rear reversing blind area is large, which is prone to accidents. It is also difficult to use on narrow road conditions. The most obvious difference is that the small three-axle and rear double-axle truck mounted cranes are both three-axle vehicles, and the steering radius of the small three-axle is larger than that of the rear double-axle.

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