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Dongfeng Yixuan MAX Launching

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Date: Sep 18,2021 View:1862

September 2021, Dongfeng Motor Corporation (DFM) launched its first vehicle model equipped with Dongfeng’s new Mach Power, Dongfeng Yixuan MAX. Its 6 vehicle models, including 5 gasoline models and 1 hybrid model.

Apparently, Yixuan Max should be considered the second generation Yixuan, because after the replacement of the “trolley” the dimensions have grown significantly.

MAX is the first vehicle model under the advanced modular architecture of Dongfeng DSMA. The four-wheel independent suspension and the chassis calibrated by the CTCC champion team bring MAX smoother and stable maneuverability. The fuel-powered vehicle model can achieve 100-0km/h braking distance within a range of 34.75 meters.
The modular architecture of the DSMA brought the sedan a multi-link rear suspension, while the McPherson struts remained at the front. The exhaust pipe is hidden from view (imitation in the bumper).
In the future, the DSMA architecture will make Yixuan into not only a hybrid, but also an electric car – with 5G connectivity,

The size of the Aeolus Yixuan Max sedan is close to the European model Volkswagen Passat: the length is 4797 mm, the width is 1870 mm, the height is 1475 mm, and the wheelbase is 2770 mm. The car has 17-inch wheels, LED lighting technology, and the list of options includes a panoramic roof.

The 1.5 liter turbo engine on this car won the China Automotive Research Institute's "Energy Efficiency Star" and the "Heart of China" 2020 for its quantitative breakthroughs in core energy technologies. This new generation 1.5T engine independently developed by Dongfeng takes into account both power efficiency and fuel consumption efficiency, maximum power reaches 150kW and maximum torque reaches 320N m, the power parameter exceeds through imported brands and joint ventures such as BMW, Honda under the same amount of displacement. Most of the engines have a thermal efficiency of 41.07%, comparable to the famous Toyota Dynamic Force engine and completely up to the international first class standard. The fuel consumption per 100 km of the Yixuan MAX hybrid model is even as low as 4.3L.