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Ankai Double Decker Bus Fabulously Designed

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Date: Sep 21,2022 View:0

360-degree panoramic sunroof, multi-language GPS automatic voice explanation of scenic spots, 5G Wi-Fi high-speed Internet access, coordinated intelligent operation of people, vehicles and roads... Since its launch in 2016, Ankai pure electric double-decker buses have operated well in many places with their unique advantages. , won the favor of users in many places.

Guangzhou 5G presses the fast-forward button of smart bus

"After scanning the code with your mobile phone, you can connect to 5G Wi-Fi in seconds, watch 4K ultra-clear videos, and do live broadcasts without any lag, like! Wechat 'shake' can inquire about landmarks along the Huangpu District Science City, high-tech enterprise recruitment, and car captains. Evaluation, etc., it turns out that bus travel can also be so interesting..." This is a recent message from a passenger in the backstage of the WeChat public account of Guangzhou Zhenbao Bus Co., Ltd. (referred to as Zhenbao Bus).

He Zhaoxin, deputy general manager of Zhenbao Bus, introduced that the 10 Ankai 5G pure electric double-decker buses of Zhenbao Bus have been in operation for more than a year. They have not only been well received by many passengers, but also achieved "zero traffic accidents, zero service complaints, and zero traffic violations" since the opening. good grades.

In June 2018, 20 Ankai double-decker buses were put into operation on Zhenbao Bus Route 333, creating the first full-range pure electric double-decker bus sightseeing line in Guangzhou that integrates public transportation and tourism. With the advent of the 5G era, in May 2019, in order to solve the pain points of traditional bus operation management with many devices, independent systems, scattered data, and high operation and management costs, Zhenbao Bus, Ankai Bus, China Telecom Group Corporation, and Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. formed a 5G line project team and upgraded 10 of them to 5G buses.

"After adopting the 5G cloud brain platform, Jumbo Bus no longer needs to pay high data usage fees to multiple terminal manufacturers, and the operation and management personnel do not need to switch systems back and forth to obtain data analysis. One platform can 'overall control'." He Zhaoxin introduced, 5G's millisecond-level transmission delay and 100-billion-level connection capability enable real-time return of 12-channel surveillance video in the car, enabling real-time monitoring of driver's driving behavior and real-time intervention in emergencies. When there is a lane deviation or the driver makes a phone call, driving fatigue, distraction, abnormal heart rate and blood pressure, the 5G intelligent gateway will alarm the cloud brain platform, and the monitoring center can make correct interventions to the driver in time to minimize the risk of safety accidents. occur. At the same time, the platform can also score drivers for each task, and urge drivers to form good driving habits through monthly rankings.

In addition, the appearance of the vehicle is custom designed according to the characteristics of the line. "The enthusiastic 'China Red' is paired with the plum blossom shape of 'Luogang Xiangxue'. The vehicle is beautiful and generous, and it is very popular with the public." He Zhaoxin told the author that this "China Red" has now become a check-in point for Internet celebrities on the route.

Chengdu station express line operation is more efficient.

"After the S18 express line was launched with double-decker buses, the line's attractiveness has increased significantly. In the context of the general decline in public transport passenger traffic, the passenger flow of the S18 express line rose against the trend, and the passenger flow in November increased by 25.4% year-on-year." Chengdu Airport Public Transport Chen Bing, operation director of the Line Network Planning and Operation Department of the Airport Bus Co., Ltd. (referred to as Airport Bus), told the author that because the vehicles are more comfortable, passengers on the same line often prefer to take double-decker buses.

Line S18 connects the two main passenger distribution points in Shuangliu District - Shuangliu Passenger Transport Center and Huanglongxi Passenger Transport Center. The line adopts the operation mode of combining conventional lines with station express lines. In September 2017, in order to alleviate the congestion caused by the large passenger flow of some stations in Shuangliu District, Airport Bus put into operation 12 Ankai pure electric double-decker buses on the S18 express line, effectively solving the travel problems of people in Shuangliu District such as life, tourism and school. , and make people travel more comfortable.
"At the beginning of the vehicle's launch, many citizens came to take the bus, especially many parents brought their children to experience it. Passengers generally reported that the double-decker bus has its own characteristics, the appearance is elegant, and the ride is comfortable. Better appreciate the scenery along the way." Chen Bing said that now these 12 double-decker buses have become a beautiful landscape in Shuangliu District.

It is worth mentioning that in September this year, the airport bus S18 line was awarded the high-quality new energy bus of the Ministry of Transport's major theme publicity campaign "My Bus, My City" for its high-quality buses, excellent bus services and flexible operation models. line.

Ankai's pure electric double-decker bus has achieved high-quality development of S18 Road by virtue of its own advantages, adding help to the implementation of the concept of green public transportation and beautiful travel by Airport Bus.

Ankai double-decker bus: high value and connotation

This Ankai pure electric double-decker bus is not only beautiful, but also very meaningful.

The full and straight body is equipped with large viewing windows on both sides, and the second floor adopts a through-type panoramic sunroof. The whole vehicle is transparent and bright, and the wide viewing field greatly improves the sightseeing experience of passengers. The upper and lower floors of the car can be equipped with 66 high-end travel seats, and equipped with USB charging ports to meet the charging needs of passengers; the car is specially equipped with barrier-free ride facilities and wheelchair areas, providing guides and multi-language explanations; the vehicle is also optimized. The height of the stepping on the car is installed, and the anti-skid and wear-resistant steps and aluminum alloy handrails are installed at the stairs to protect the safety of passengers to the greatest extent.

In addition to having "high value", vehicles are also "hard-core" in terms of safety. The car is equipped with a 360-degree surround view safety system, collision avoidance, track deviation monitoring and early warning system, driver behavior monitoring and early warning system, etc., to ensure the safe operation of the vehicle. This pure electric double-decker bus has a cruising range of up to 300 kilometers, which can meet the operational needs of the line throughout the day.

It is understood that at present, Ankai pure electric double-decker buses have been operated in batches in Hefei, Anhui, Yantai, Xiamen, Xiamen, Hainan, Haikou, Guangdong, Zhaoqing and other domestic cities, and exported to France, Italy and other countries. In March, it was awarded the title of "Star of City Sightseeing Bus in the 14th Annual Inventory Activity Influencing China's Bus Industry".