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2022 China Commercial Vehicle Expo

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Date: Nov 07,2022 View:7

On November 1, 2022, the China Commercial Vehicle and Supporting Industry Expo was held in Gao'an, Jiangxi Province, which is known as the capital of China's automobile transportation. More than 200 companies including truck and bus companies, new energy companies, parts manufacturers, and commercial vehicle dealers participated in the conference. The exhibition has an exhibition area of more than 70,000 square meters. It is the largest, most extensive and most professional commercial vehicle industry expo in China's history.

In such a large-scale exhibition, various manufacturers will also bring their exhibitions. I believe that the exhibition vehicles at the exhibition will certainly arouse the interest of card fans. Without further ado, the author will show you the 2022 Chinese commercial vehicles. And the show car style of the supporting industry exposition.

This exhibition is entered from the main entrance of the North District Conference, and the exhibition proceeds to the south. The exhibition order is Dongfeng Liuqi Chenglong, GAC Hino, Jiefang Heavy Truck, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle, Foton Daimler, Shaanxi Automobile Heavy Truck, Sinotruk, SAIC Hongyan, Scania, Geely Commercial Vehicles, Volvo.

SINOTRUK brought a total of six vehicles to the exhibition, covering a relatively complete range, including the most high-end Yellow River, the G7 series with the largest holdings, and the newly launched HOWO MAX, which can bring you poems and distant Shande RVs As well as the artifact of getting rich, the powerful warrior.
Sinotruk's Yellow River tractor can be described as an innovative work. This car uses a lot of aerodynamics. It is the heavy truck tractor with the smallest wind resistance in China, and its wind resistance coefficient is only 0.37. In addition, the use of the world's most thermally efficient Weichai WP13H diesel engine and Sinotruk's worry-free shift automatic transmission can achieve perfect matching, accurately confirm road conditions, and achieve the best fuel economy. The Guinness Book of World Records.
The HOWO MAX is the youngest model in the HOWO family, because it is built with the latest platform technology, and its appearance adopts national trend elements such as Xuanyuan Bow and Great Wall. friend's model. The powertrain it carries is also very rich, with optional MAN technology and Weichai engine, the gearbox supports manual 12 to 16 speed and worry-free shift automatic transmission, it is a stylish and versatile tractor.
At the same time, Sinotruk also brought the 610-horsepower Shandeka G7S to the auto show. This car uses the new Weichai WP14T engine, ultra-luxury interior configuration and solid chassis technology, adding another dimension to the efficient logistics market. Great general.

Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle:
Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle exhibited a total of 5 models, including tractors, trucks, dump trucks and mixer trucks. It is the company with the most complete range of heavy trucks in this exhibition, and it is also the only company that brings new energy products in this exhibition. enterprise.
The flagship king models exhibited by Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle include tractors and trucks. Among them, the tractor adopts avocado green color scheme, and the chassis is driven by 6X4. It is equipped with the latest high-horsepower Z15 model introduced by Dongfeng Cummins, with a maximum horsepower of 660 horsepower and a torque of 3200N.m. Take the lead in domestic high-horsepower models.
The other flagship is an 8X4 truck with a 9.6-meter top, a flat floor in the cab, standard Isiling Huatai seats, and a luxurious dual-screen interior. Different from the tractor, the truck version of the flagship king adopts Dongfeng's own Longqing engine and Longqing gearbox. The whole vehicle is extremely lightweight, and parts such as fender brackets and tail beams are also made of aluminum alloy.
As the only new energy heavy truck in the audience, Dongfeng Tianlong battery swap tractor also has extraordinary strength. Its battery comes from the Ningde era, with a capacity of 282kwh and a vehicle life of 200km+. In terms of energy replenishment, the car supports dual-gun fast charging and battery swapping. Fast charging can replenish 80% of the power in 1 hour, and battery swapping can be done within 5 minutes. A fully charged battery is very practical.
Dongfeng Hercules believes that many card fans are familiar with it. The Dongfeng Tianlong KC engineering vehicle exhibited at this exhibition has the blood of Hercules. The reinforced frame, gearbox, axle, suspension, etc. It has higher reliability when working. Moreover, the cab adopts four-point suspension, and the design of the internal quasi-flat floor also expands the interior space and increases comfort.

Dongfeng Liuqi Chenglong
Dongfeng Liuqi Chenglong exhibited a total of 4 models, namely Chenglong L2, Chenglong H7, Chenglong H5 truck and Chenglong H5 dangerous goods transporter.
Chenglong L2 is the first light truck model of Chenglong. It adopts the family design of Chenglong. It is equipped with Yuchai YCY24 140 horsepower engine and Wanliyang 6-speed manual transmission. Board and high-barrier carriages, in addition, what makes the most favorite of the card fans is the cost performance of this car and the 2100mm wide-body light truck cab.
Dongfeng Liuqi Chenglong H7 tractor, as a C-position exhibit, is also quite high in configuration. This car uses a Yuchai 6K13 engine with 600 horsepower and a maximum torque of 2600N.m. The vehicle is equipped with active safety warning, square image, rotating seat and other configurations, and the comfort and safety have been improved.
There are two types of Chenglong H5 exhibition vehicles, one is a special transport vehicle for dangerous goods, and the other is a green pass version II chassis. The working conditions of the two vehicles are relatively harsh conditions. Chenglong H5 also provides users with Dual power options for 5 and 6 liters.