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Dongfeng Pointed Head Dump Truck Benefits

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Date: Oct 10,2022 View:11

Nowadays, flat-headed cars are basically running on the market, but in fact, pointed cars have more advantages in vehicle safety, comfort, fuel economy and maintenance convenience. Now taking Dongfeng pointed tip dump truck as an example, we will introduce the advantages of Dongfeng pointed tip dump truck from the following points:

1. The safety of Dongfeng pointed tip dump truck is higher. The driver and passenger of the pointed car are located behind the engine and the front axle, and the front engine compartment provides a longer buffer distance for accidental collisions and has better performance in terms of safety. According to a report by the University of Michigan Highway Safety Institute, in the event of an accident, the fatality rate of occupants in a pointed car is 28% lower than that of a flat car; the cab of a pointed car has an energy-absorbing collapse area of ​​nearly 2 meters. It is decided that it is safer than a flat car. At the same time, the pointed cab has a lower height and a correspondingly lower center of gravity than a flat-topped truck, which greatly reduces the chance of a rollover in a collision.

2. In terms of comfort, Dongfeng pointed tip dump truck is also superior. Since the front engine does not take up space in the cab, and the floor is relatively low, more living facilities can be accommodated in the cab, such as a larger sleeper, refrigerator, etc. And, since the engine is no longer under the cab, the long-headed truck has lower interior noise. In addition, its seat is placed between the front and rear axles, which has a relatively good shock absorption effect, which is conducive to reducing driving fatigue; on the flat head truck, the driver is basically placed on the front axle. Although there are shock absorption measures, it is still unavoidable from the chassis. The impact of the high temperature in summer, the heat emitted by the engine also makes the driver feel tormented.

3. Better aerodynamic design brings improved fuel economy. A large number of tests and experiments have shown that better streamlined shape and lower drag coefficient can reduce fuel consumption by 10% to 15%. The cross-sectional area of ​​the flat head truck is larger than that of the long head truck, so the wind resistance is relatively large, so the high-speed fuel economy cannot be compared with the long head truck. From this point of view, the promotion of long-head trucks is of great benefit to energy saving, emission reduction and economical transportation.

4. The convenience of maintenance. Due to the front-mounted engine, the Dongfeng pointed tip dump truck is more convenient to use and maintain than the flat-head truck. When repairing, just open the engine compartment cover without turning the cab over, and the driver can easily access the engine. In addition, the height of the cab and the design of doors and steps are more user-friendly, the pedal position is lower and the area is larger, which is convenient for the driver to climb up and down and enter and exit the cab.