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7 Things To Inspect While Buying A Used Heavy Duty Dump Truck

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Date: Nov 19,2022 View:1


If you're low on cash and have been eyeing some dump trucks, buying a used one is the best way to proceed. Dump trucks are the perfect transportation method when you need to transport large materials. It is also one of the most used ones when it comes to work sites. You can imagine how much of a harsh environment dump trucks are subjected to on the field, so naturally, any used trucks have a likeliness of coming with faults, which is why it is crucial that you do a thorough inspection before purchasing one.

You may want to learn how to identify a well-maintained dump truck. You will also need to consider if the dump truck has everything needed to fit your business needs. In this article, we will tell you what you need to look for while inspecting used dump trucks.

Let's get started.

1. Reason for it getting sold.

Remember that you're investing a considerable sum in your truck; you are entitled to ask why it is getting sold in the first place. This way, you can determine the underlying issues like mechanical defaults and then check if you have a budget to fix it either soon or in the future. You can make decisions and analyze if the purchase is worth it by comparing the faults and the costs required to fix them.

2. Look through maintenance history.

It will benefit you to discover how often the truck you plan on buying goes through maintenance. Look through the maintenance records to see how often or if other factors require considerable attention. An excellent overall history will help ensure that your truck will function well most of the time. You will also have fewer issues during regular maintenance checkups. This will let you know how often you should allow your truck to get a routine check.


3. Oil change records.

Oil change records will inform you about the performance of the oil in the truck's lifetime. How often there have been oil changes or how well the oil works will tell you a lot about the engine etc. You can detect problems with the engine and get a review of how much oil your truck will need to function on a daily basis.

4. Accident history

A thorough inspection also includes looking through the accident history. Once you review the documents of all the accidents the truck has been in, you'll find much information. This includes the type of accidents, collisions, the extent of the damage the truck endured, any criminal activities that might have been associated with the truck. Additionally, it will tell you how long ago the accident took place and all internal damages that have either caused the engines, mechanics or parts to malfunction.

5. A look at the components and key parts

Every physical aspect of the truck needs to be inspected. Conspicuous spaces and non-conspicuous ones as well. Check the dump truck's body, the dump box, tires, rails, frames, axles, operation, and cab of the dump truck you're inspecting. Carefully look at the interior as well. You can even start the engine to check if it sounds odd, along with all the lights, horns, signals, gauges, and anything you think needs to be reviewed. Go a step further by getting the engine, hydraulic lift cylinder, and other components checked by a professional and qualified mechanic with high-quality electrical measurement devices.

6. Engine's model

A truck's main feature that it cannot even run without is its engine. Inspecting every aspect of its engine is crucial, and that includes the engine's model. You must learn about the history of the wear-and-tear of the engine as well as how long its mileage reaches. Furthermore, you can even check if the engine is compatible with the functions you need from it and if it performs the task, you'll need it to do.

7. Parts that need replacing

A truck may become worn out and lose its value over the passage of time. Its parts start to function improperly and may require specific replacements for better functioning and operation. Discuss and review the types of parts that need replacing for maximum efficiency so you can judge if you have the budget to undergo those replacements and reparations.


To sum up

A heavy-duty dump truck can be an extensive investment so you must inspect certain things before buying a used one. There's always a reason one sells their assets, whether for money or due to a fault. Ensure that you discover what that reason is. Ask the previous owner for all paperwork like maintenance, oil change records, and accident history. Carefully inspect all components of the dump truck, including the exterior and interior. Get a professional involved for a thorough inspection. You can even check the engine model and determine if it can handle the load you will put on it and other related factors. Finally, ask about all parts that need replacing so your dump truck can run as efficiently as possible.


We hope this article proved informative and enables you to buy a suitable heavy-duty dump truck. Thank you for reading!