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Kinglong Pure Electric Self Drive Bus

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Date: Sep 06,2022 View:18

At 12:00 noon on August 12, a red Jinlong bus slowly entered the Yongchuan driverless bus platform, and the citizens waiting at the platform began to get on the bus in an orderly manner. This is also the first self-driving bus in the country to be put into operation. The commercialization of autonomous driving in China has ushered in a major breakthrough.

On the same day, Yongchuan District, Chongqing City held a signing ceremony for the launch of autonomous bus operation and strategic cooperation of smart transportation projects. Chongqing Yongchuan and Baidu have reached a strategic cooperation on the smart transportation pilot project in Yongchuan District, helping Yongchuan build a national smart transportation benchmark city. The official operation of self-driving buses is an important part of it, which truly makes smart travel benefit public transportation.

10 km two-way mileage
The first self-driving bus hits the road

The first self-driving bus operation route in the country passes through stations such as Yongchuan Shennv Lake, Agricultural Machinery School, Xinglong Lake, East Gate of the College of Arts and Sciences, and Guanyin Mountain Park, with a two-way mileage of nearly 10km. Mileage is 40-60km per hour. As an autonomous bus for open road operation, the bus can achieve precise stops, easily respond to bus stop scenarios and more complex urban road conditions, and fully meet the needs of normal bus operations.

King Long Robobus is equipped with "black technologies" such as lidar, millimeter-wave radar, and monocular camera to help vehicles detect surrounding information in 360° without blind spots during driving. Combined with V2X vehicle-road collaboration, the vehicle-mounted OBU and intelligent network-connected roadside equipment can realize L4-level vehicle-road collaborative perception driving, and can receive high-precision perception data of all traffic participants on the road collected from the roadside intelligent perception system in real time. The current information of pedestrians and cars on the road, including blind spots that cannot be seen by the driver in the car, are reflected on the screen in the car, and even advance notice of traffic light changes and waiting time, allowing the vehicle to make decisions and planning in advance, improve traffic efficiency, and achieve Smart cars are closely linked with smart roads.

The development of smart transportation is an inevitable choice for a transportation powerhouse, and it is also an inevitable way to satisfy the public's better travel. ICVs based on the Internet of Vehicles and intelligence are the strategic commanding heights of future industrial development. King Long has taken the lead in the layout of vehicle intelligence, networking, electrification, and sharing, and has become a pioneer and leader in industry innovation.

As early as 2009, King Long started to conduct research on bus intelligence and IoV technology, and gathered top talents in automotive intelligent technology; in 2012, it took the lead in launching the industry-leading Longyi IoV platform through independent research and development; The development plan of Lianhe Automobile focuses on comprehensive intelligent transportation operation solutions such as passenger car intelligence, intelligent manufacturing, and intelligent transportation, including autonomous driving; in 2018, China's first L4-class autonomous bus jointly developed with Baidu was officially put into commercial operation , ushering in a new era of self-driving services for public travel; in 2020, a "1+N" self-driving product strategy has been established, and a variety of self-driving products have been developed and launched for retail, logistics, security, and sanitation, making smart travel more accessible. Many fields.

The first self-driving bus was put into operation, ushering in a new mileage for mass transportation smart travel. With the development of the Internet of Everything and the development of new cities, the construction of smart cities has become a trend, and intelligent transportation is the most important foundation. With the corporate vision of "becoming a solution provider for intelligent transportation systems", King Long will continue to use intelligent technology to promote green, intelligent and networked transportation and create a better travel ecosystem.