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The Complete Guide for Buying Used Coaster Bus

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Date: Aug 22,2022 View:9

The Complete Guide for Buying Used Coaster Bus

Before diving into the tips, let us quickly cover what coaster bus is for who of you with insufficient knowledge about it.

Coaster bus is the most popular and hot selling model among mini buses in many areas especially hot in most African countries and islands. Coaster bus is mostly produced and branded from Toyota with a little portion of other brands and motor manufacturers just like DFM(Dongfeng Motor). It a mini bus with 26-30 seats featuring low fuel consumption, low maintenance cost and matured platform/chassis.

Price Matters

For buying a used coaster bus, surely the price of the vehicle will be one of the first few things comes to mind. Secondhand coaster buses are considered to be cost-effective in the aspects of upfront cost, spare parts availability, and resale value. However, a preowned coaster bus could be expensive and doesn’t match its value due to various reasons including local dealer commission added to your total price, high shipping cost if you choose to import from other countries, high refurbishment cost, and so on.

Here in Dongfeng Mid-South Enterprise, we offer good condition coaster buses in the price range of 9500~14000USD depending on your budget and refurbishment needs. We have our own vehicle refurbish centers dedicated to used commercial and passenger vehicles refurbishment. It not only reduces the refurbishment costs significantly and also the quality is assured by our experienced and professional technicians. The vehicle rework is highly flexible that you can have your bus painted in any color, patterns and we can also paint custom logos to the body; and also we can replace or add components like seats or luggage racks at a very competitive price.

Shipping and Delivery

When you purchase your coaster bus, you want to put it in work and start making cash or doing its job as soon as possible. Then, you better knows the terms about the lead and shipping time before decision making.

We have 30 years of vehicle exporting experience to guarantee worry-free delivery to our clients. Also, we are partnered with large shipping companies and would always find the lowest and most suitable shipping service for our clients.

We also have large vehicle inventory for clients to choose from. Easy and quickly find the right bus in exact year and condition that you want.

Refurbish Standard

Our refurbish standard follows:

New or a very clean used cabin,

New interiors,

New tiers/tubeless rims,

New seat covers,

New batteries,

All filters change,

Engine/Gear box check and fix,

All lights are new and minor parts replacement.


Contact now and let us help you with your purchase.