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Used Dump Trucks Tips and Recommendation

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Date: Aug 12,2022 View:5

Lower investment

The main and most straightforward reason to buy a used dump truck is that it always comes at a cheaper price; providing investors with a ready-to-work solution for their tough projects. From the cooperative view, a secondhand dump truck with lower capital investment allows companies to have more cash for investment in other sectors. It is also a safer choice for startup organizations.

Better overall ROI

Used dump trucks usually offer a better return of investment (ROI) ratio. Buying a used dump truck is riskier than purchasing a new one, but can be a great way to save on your budget for other business expenses.

Great resale value

Buying a refurbished dump truck is similar to buying a used car. It adopts the tradition of the used car market which means the market price will drop rapidly in the first few years. On average, new dump trucks would be worth about 68% of their original price after the first 5 years. However, the price drops much slower for a preowned dump truck which means when you plan to sell your vehicle, you could earn back a decent portion of what you paid for it. Recouping a portion of the original investment is a huge perk for financially conscious companies. Regain a portion of the initial investment is a big bonus for financially conscious companies. You can keep a dump truck's value even higher by making sure you perform regular maintenance on it and keep an extensive record of any repairs.

Larger selection

There are a plethora of used dump trucks available. When you go to buy the machinery, you have a variety of options. Dump trucks come in a variety of models and functionalities, so it's simple to pick one that meets your needs for pricing and performance.

Recommended model

Here we listed a few popular options for your reference:

Sinotruk 6x4 Heavy Duty Dump Truck

Sinotruk 8x4 Heavy Duty Dump Truck

Shaanxi 6x4 Heavy Duty Dump Truck

Shaanxi 8x4 Heavy Duty Dump Truck

Why Should You Buy Dump Trucks from Dongfeng Mid-south Enterprise?

Dongfeng Mid-south Enterprise work closely with clients to figure out what exactly our customers need; to choose a vehicle that fits the budget, features, and other performance requirements.

Large inventory with thousands of great value LHD/RHD used dump trucks for your choice; makes it super simple for buyers to find the right vehicles.

We have several different factories to produce the different types of trucks, and the biggest vehicle test base to guarantee each truck with good performance when delivered.

Complete spare parts center to guarantee spare parts supply and delivery.


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