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Introducing Innovated Pure Electric Yutong Coach Bus

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Date: Sep 02,2022 View:7

Yutong is one of the top Chinese commercial vehicles manufacturers, headquartered in Zhengzhou, Henan, at the center of China. As of 2016, it accomplished the largest bus sales volume of 70988 units. The featured and most popular models are their 12m coach buses.
At the Brussels World Bus Expo, Yutong brought three buses to showcase; the pure electric bus model U12, the luxury bus T13 and the pure electric intercity bus ICE12. It is worth mentioning that these three vehicles have won the Bus World honor at this exhibition, respectively: Bus Design Award, Bus Design Award and Ecological Environmental Protection Award. The jury praised the three winning models. They believed that the U12’s interior and exterior design was beautiful and balanced, in line with European standards; the processing and placement of the T13’s vehicle interiors, equipment and components was very accurate, convenient and flexible, and was suitable for market needs; A lot of recyclable materials are used in the car manufacturing, which is in line with the concept of sustainable development, and it is the only pure electric bus in the same group.

U12 appeared at this exhibition as a product specially developed for the European market. In terms of appearance design, the frame enclosing structure design with black curved surface and simple lines brings the sense of technology and the future into it all at once. The unique design of the round lights on the playground track also breaks the limitations of conventional lighting shapes.
The 12-meter-long body can accommodate 94 passengers. ZF's independent suspension, advanced wheel-side motor drive axle and 422kwh battery can easily handle a day's operation. More importantly, Yutong used the self-developed BusEYE Pro driving assistance system on the U12 for the first time, reducing the labor intensity of drivers and making driving safer. Through the comprehensive analysis of vehicle operation data, the network-connected system performs online intelligent scheduling, remote diagnosis, real-time monitoring, and charging management, thereby improving operator management efficiency and reducing operating costs. An 18-meter pure 
electric articulated model may also be launched in the future.

The LED ambient light in the car can be adjusted at any time according to the different scenes, and it is no longer a traditional light that travels the world. The whole car is equipped with multiple USB ports for easy use. This thoughtful design can make passengers no longer worry about running out of mobile phones when they go out. At present, the U12 has been put into operation in many European countries and is deeply loved by users.

The T13 is a high-end tourist bus developed by Yutong based on the European market. A styling company from Europe participated in the styling design of T13, integrating European classical elegance with modern dynamic elements, and skillfully combining the toughness of northern Europe with the softness of southern Europe. The streamlined silhouette combined with the curves makes the body lines flow and slender, and the edges and corners are soft and gentle. An over-sized windshield and LED headlights complete the look of the car. After the T13 was unveiled at the 2018 Birmingham Motor Show in the UK, it was immediately recognized by the UK market.

The T13 is equipped with a 330hp diesel engine, ZF front and rear axles, and a total of 59 passenger seats; some common European designs such as ACC adaptive cruise control, sensor wipers, and independent air conditioning in the cab are installed on it, which is not lost to other brands.

Yutong's new self-developed acoustic packaging is used in the car. This measure can reduce the noise and vibration inside the car when the vehicle is running, reduce external interference, and provide a guarantee for a quiet riding environment. The luxurious seats used are ergonomically designed, so that passengers no longer have to worry about the fatigue of traveling.

ICE12 is the first pure electric long-distance intercity seat car in Europe. This car meets the current environmental protection needs with its pure electric and zero-emission characteristics, and is very suitable for commuting between cities, within cities or between home and school.