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Company Profile
Founded in 2013, Zhengzhou Dongfeng Mid-South Enterprise Co., Ltd., specializes of international export business for commercial & passenger vehicles,
construction machinery, spare parts and so on.

With open mind, global perspective, strengthen with foreign famous enterprises and domestic industry leading enterprises of the joint venture cooperation during the recent years, and now our cooperating manufacturing base covering the concrete mixing station, cranes, wheel loaders, excavators, forklifts, road rollers and spare parts, and other wide range and variety of products series, with high quality, excellent service marketing strategy, we have been in the international business with significant market share. 



Our Products All Over The World
We have a skilled and experienced R&D team and concentrate on the requirements of our customers. As an experienced manufacturer, we offer a complete product range. For wire harness cutting, stripping, crimping and the various machine series as well as the customized solutions are characterized by innovative and well thought-out ideas, and are therefore optimally tuned to the needs of the customer.

SEDEKE has applied for trademark registration in Germany, India, Turkey, Mexico...9 countries. We also have three technical support centers and R&D centers in both Europe and south east Asia. With effective delivery, convincing products and professional services, our products are sold to over 50 countries and regions in the world.
Looking to The Future
Zhengzhou Dongfeng Mid-South Enterprise Co., Ltd. will enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises as a goal, the international Combination of cooperation and self-development, adjust and optimize the product structure and industrial structure, enhance the whole value chain,

comprehensive competitiveness, according to "sound operation, the harmonious development of the domestic economy to become the main force of exports of vehicles and machinery, automobile companies trustworthy long-term partner, Mid-south enterprise cause of a stable and harmonious development of the enterprise
"development strategy, efforts to the domestic first-class, with the core competitiveness of the export business forward!"