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Sci-Fi Visual Impacts, the Dongfeng KingLong Concept Truck

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Date: Jul 31,2020 View:1637

In 2019, the 50th anniversary of Dongfeng Motor's establishment, a total of 18 million vehicles, including 6 million commercial vehicles, have been produced in 50 years. To celebrate this historical moment, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle launched a futuristic Dongfeng Tianlong concept car .

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Sci-fi appearance

As a concept truck, it must first have a visual impact. In fact, this King Long fully meets our expectations for a concept car. The color adopts bold pearlescent white, which is very visually impactful. The body has a streamlined appearance, coupled with the elimination of the front grille, the whole car has very small seams, which makes the whole car integrated and has a smaller drag coefficient.

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There are several highlights in the appearance, such as the logo part, which still retains Dongfeng's Shuangfeiyan shape, but the logo will emit light, which is the kind of blue LED light source, which fits the concept of environmental protection.

The position of the bumper looks like a grille at first glance. In fact, there are many LED light sources inlaid on it. When the vehicle is driving, these light sources will light up and flash regularly, adding a sense of science fiction to the whole vehicle.

It should be noted that to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Dongfeng, the body of the King Long concept car is inlaid with 50th anniversary logos. This logo is composed of the number 50, dragon and Shuangfeiyan. It can be said that all the historical factors of Dongfeng and Corporate philosophy and Chinese culture are integrated into this logo, and the design concept is very clever.

The concept car itself is very advanced in terms of design concepts, including the use of LED light sources for the entire car. In addition to the logo with LED light sources, the light is also LED light source for the King Long concept car. The combined headlights are composed of 3 LED light sources and only occupy a small part of the body. area. Daytime running lights and turn signals are also LED light sources, and the shape is designed into a strip to add more streamlined feeling.

In order to further reduce the wind resistance, the King Long concept car has cancelled the traditional physical rearview mirror and used the more advanced electronic rearview mirror. The working principle of the electronic rearview mirror is very simple. The video is collected by a camera on each side of the top of the cab and projected in real time to the electronic display screen located on the A-pillar of the cab.

There are many advantages of electronic rearview mirrors, for example, a wider angle, which makes it easier for the cab to observe more blind spots. In addition, due to the elimination of the physical rearview mirror, the blind area of the A-pillar position is smaller, which indirecKing Longy improves driving safety.

â–ŽEquipped with Longqing engine, DA14 gear transmission

Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle launched 4 National VI engines in the National VI era, covering DDi50, DDi75, DDi11, DDi13, with power covering 240-580 horsepower and torque covering 900-2650N.m. It is worth mentioning that the new National VI engine is completely independenKing Longy developed by Dongfeng, so it is called Longqing.

The King Long concept car is equipped with the most powerful version of the DDi13 engine, with a displacement of 13 liters, a maximum power of 580 horsepower, and a maximum torque of 2650N.m. It complies with National VI emission standards, and the technical route adopts EGR+DOC+DPF+SCR post-processing route. The B10 has a maximum life of 1.6 million kilometers and supports 100,000 kilometers of oil change.

The gearbox is matched with the Longqing DA14 gearbox. The name of the gearbox is very easy to understand. "D" stands for Dongfeng, "A" stands for automatic transmission, and "14" stands for 14th gear. This 14-speed gearbox technology originated from Volvo. Dongfeng improved this gearbox on the original basis and matched the Voith hydraulic retarder.

Dongfeng is one of the few brands in the commercial vehicle industry that has the ability to launch a concept car, and launching a concept car is not just a sci-fi cab.

This requires vehicle companies to have a strong technical reserve and advanced concepts. Only with these capabilities can it be possible to link technology, ideas, and feasibility to lead the direction of future design.
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