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4 useful tips to avoid incorrect operation during truck maintenance

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Date: Sep 01,2020 View:1740

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1. Avoid using emery cloth to polish the bearingFor some inexperienced repairers,replacing the bearing bush is a difficult job. Because the scraping technology is difficult to master, the bearing bush is not easy to meet the technical requirements. Therefore, when replacing the bearing bush, it is necessary to increase the bearing bush and crankshaft. Use emery cloth to polish the contact area instead of scraping tiles. This method is extremely undesirable in actual maintenance, because the abrasive grains on the emery cloth are harder, but the bearing alloy is softer, so the sand grains are easily embedded in the alloy during grinding, and the wear of the journal will be accelerated when the diesel engine is working. Shorten the life of the crankshaft.

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2. Avoid tightening the bolts too tight

In the process of disassembly and assembly of construction machinery, bolts in many parts have specified torque requirements, such as transmission box, cylinder head, tire, connecting rod and front axle. The tightening torque is specified in the manual. Feel free to change. However, many users mistakenly believe that tightening is safer, but tightening too tightly will cause screws or bolts to break, and may cause malfunctions due to threaded sliding buckles.

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3. Avoid high tire pressure

The tire inflation pressure of wheeled construction machinery is an important factor that determines its service life and work efficiency. Tyre pressure that is too high or too low will affect its service life, and it is also not conducive to safe driving, especially in the hot summer. The scientific inflation standard should be based on the standard air pressure of the tire. As the temperature changes, the tire pressure should be slightly adjusted. For example, summer should be 5%-7% lower than winter. Taking into account that the temperature in summer is high, the gas is heated and the pressure increases. On the contrary, it must reach the standard pressure or slightly lower in winter.

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4. Avoid adding cold antifreeze liquid suddenly into boiling water tank

Engine overloading, poor heat dissipation, or lack of water in the water tank will cause the water tank to boil. If cold water is immediately added at this time, it will cause the cylinder head and cylinder block to burst. Therefore, once the water tank is found to be boiling during use, emergency measures should be taken to stop the operation, so that the diesel engine cooling water can cool down by itself.

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