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Dongfeng dump trucks still run for transportation in the 1980s

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Date: Aug 26,2021 View:2068

        When card friends talk about dump trucks, they generally pay more attention to 6x4 and 8x4 dump trucks. However, there are many 4x2 dump trucks, among which the old Dongfeng dump truck and the new Tianjin dump truck are very representative.

● Tianjin dump 4x2 benchmark model

       In the field of truck trucks, many truck manufacturers in the same industry regard the 6-meter-eight Tianjin as a benchmark model. The same is true in the field of 4x2 dump trucks. Tianjin dump trucks are a well-deserved benchmark among similar types of trucks.

       Tianjin dump trucks use black painted steel bumpers. You can choose to add plateau factory fences to cope with more work scenarios. LED low-level lights are optional. Construction sites in many cities are restricted during the day, so dump trucks often work at night. Good lighting is very important. The combination of the original protective fence and barbed wire is a must to adapt to bad roads and construction sites. The front wheels are equipped with tread laps, and the front boarding ladder of the carriage can be folded, making it easier to get on and off.

       At the same time, the internal use of Chitian brand hydraulic cylinders, reasonable layout of fuel tanks and exhaust pipes, as well as the wheel reduction bridge independently developed by Dongfeng, and other body parts have been strengthened. The engine uses Yuchai’s 6A engine 240 hp. Horsepower, for 4X2 dump trucks, is already considered a relatively strong power.

● Classic 153 dump

         Next, let's take a look at the old Dongfeng dump truck from the 153 era.

        The old classic 153 dump trucks are still everywhere, with strong vitality. Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle’s 4X2 trucks use Cummins engines and 4H engines more1, but dump trucks mainly use Yuchai. The 180-horsepower Yuchai 6J engine represents an era of dump trucks. It is worth mentioning that, The rear axle of the classic 153 dump truck does not use Dongfeng single-axle dump trucks. It uses the classic and affordable Styrene wheel reduction bridge. The dump truck industry can be described as "the bridge wins the world." Because the dump truck has a large carrying capacity and the road conditions are bad. The most prone to failure in the use of dump trucks is the axle. A solid and durable drive axle is too important for dump trucks. At the same time, the classic 153 dump also represents the perfect model in the heart of Kayou

       Early Dongfeng dump trucks were single-stage bridges. Users who wanted Dongfeng to have wheel-reduced axles could only purchase models from Dongfeng's peripheral plants or replace them by themselves. Later, after Dongfeng developed the wheel reduction axle with Benz technology, the ratio of heavy-duty Tianjin dump trucks with wheel reduction axle was very high. Dump trucks need to be reliable and durable. Although Kangji and low-speed single-stage bridges are popular on road vehicles, Yuchai and wheel reduction bridges are still commonly used on 4x2 dump trucks.