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Folding boom truck-mounted crane transmission and truck-mounted crane transport vehicle function

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Date: Sep 10,2021 View:3341

 A crane truck, the full name of a crane truck, is a kind of equipment that realizes the lifting, turning, and lifting of goods through a hydraulic lifting and telescopic system. It is usually assembled on a truck. It is generally composed of a truck chassis, cargo compartment, power take-off, and crane. The truck chassis can choose Dongfeng truck-mounted crane price, Jiefang, Auman, Steyr and other tonnages. According to the manufacturer, the crane can be divided into Rail Transport, XCMG, Jianghuan, Yutong Heavy Industry Truck Crane, Feitao, Stone Coal, etc. According to the crane type, it is divided into straight arm type and folding arm type, and is divided into 2 tons and 3.2 according to the tonnage. Tons, 5 tons, 6.3 tons, 8 tons, 10 tons, 12 tons, 16 tons, 20 tons.

1. It can reduce fuel consumption. Because the hydraulic transmission efficiency of the crane truck is low, the fuel consumption of the hydraulic automatic transmission is higher than that of the mechanical transmission.

2. The driving operation is simplified and the driving safety is improved. When the crane starts and runs, the automatic transmission does not require clutch operation and manual shift operation, which reduces the labor intensity of driving operation and allows the driver to concentrate on road traffic conditions. Therefore, the safety of driving can be improved.

3. Reduced exhaust gas pollution. The manual shifting process is often accompanied by sharp changes in fuel supply and large changes in engine speed, which can easily lead to incomplete combustion and increase harmful substances in engine exhaust. Due to the hydraulic transmission and automatic shifting of the automatic transmission, the engine can maintain a stable speed during the shifting process, so that the combustion conditions of the engine will not deteriorate, and therefore the air pollution caused by the exhaust gas emitted by the engine can be reduced.

4. Improved the dynamic automatic transmission of the crane. When starting, because the torque converter can continuously and automatically change the torque, the traction on the driving wheels is gradually increased, and the automatic transmission is changed within a certain range to adapt to the driving resistance of the car. Change, when necessary, it can automatically shift gears to meet the needs of traction. Therefore, the dynamic performance of the truck-mounted crane is significantly improved.

5. Improve the service life of the engine and transmission system parts. Because the "elastic element" of the torque converter can absorb the impact and dynamic load in the power transmission process, and because there is no clutch, there is no power interruption, so that the automatic transmission is changing automatically. Smooth shifting during gear shifting reduces the dynamic load of the engine and transmission system components. Therefore, the service life of automobile engine and transmission system parts using automatic transmission is longer than that of mechanical transmission.

The function of the truck crane (lift truck)

6. The function of the crankshaft bearing of the crane is mainly to reduce the interference and reduce the wear of the crankshaft and other parts. The connecting rod bearing and the crankshaft main bearing are usually separated sliding bearings. Crankshaft bearings include connecting rod bearings (commonly known as small tiles) and crankshaft main bearings (commonly known as large tiles), and their structure is the same. Some automobile crane engines are equipped with a balance shaft system whose function is to balance the inertial force generated by the crank and connecting rod mechanism to reduce the vibration of the engine. The balance shaft system can be divided into two types: single balance shaft system and double balance shaft system.

7. The function of the truck mounted crane is to automatically adjust the fuel supply of the fuel injection pump according to the speed change when the diesel engine is working, so as to stabilize and restrain the speed of the diesel engine, so that the diesel engine can work stably under different working conditions. How is the governor classified?

1) According to its different structure, it can be divided into three types: mechanical centrifugal, pneumatic diaphragm and composite. The more widely used is mechanical centrifugal regulator.

2) According to the different working speed planning, the governor is divided into two-speed type and full-speed type. The two governors can only play a role in stabilizing the low speed and restraining the high speed.

A. Water leakage from the truck crane will cause poor incineration, shorten the life of related parts in the cylinder, and increase the consumption of cooling water. In order to eliminate this shortcoming of the intercooler, the intercooler that leaks air or water due to cracks can be welded or replaced according to the recommended repair process. In order to eliminate the air and water leakage of the intercooler, the intercooler should be repaired in time.

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