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Dongfeng Guoliutianjin KR refrigerated truck

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Date: Sep 14,2021 View:2354

 Power/horsepower: 180KW/245 horsepower 6700 displacement, Dongfeng Cummins engine (ISD245 50) refrigerator and other major brand units are equipped with Dongfeng Xintianjin chassis configuration, wheelbase: 5000, Fast gearbox 8JS85E275/80R22.5 18PR tires, main reduction ratio 4.1, steel 400L, with cab flip, driver's seat electric heating, driver's seat electric ventilation, driver's seat waist adjustment, rearview mirror heating, large multimedia screen, navigation, air conditioning, reversing image , Front/rear axle; LDWS lane departure, FCWS anti-collision warning, 4.5/9T, number of leaf springs 8/10+8, frame section 220×75×7
★Choice of refrigerating truck refrigeration unit and heating unit:
1. Imported refrigeration units: American Great Refrigeration King, South Korea Asiana, Italy K brand, American Carrier and other brands.
2. Domestic refrigeration units: Shanghai Songhan, Wuhan Hanxue, Zhengzhou Guobing, Henan Huatai and other well-known brands.
Ensure that the temperature of the compartment can reach 30°C~-18°C. The price of the refrigerated truck is different depending on the refrigerating unit.
Different compartments, equipped with different refrigerated truck units, can achieve different refrigeration effects.
The dual-temperature unit can reach a constant temperature of 2-8°C. Non-independent unit: 0-15℃
——————The compressor is driven by the automobile engine to work, suitable for short- and medium-distance transportation, and the price is cheap;
Manufacturer's suggestion:
Generally, for short-distance distribution in the city, if the carriage is less than 7 meters, it is recommended to use a non-independent unit.
Not only is the purchase cost lower, it is relatively convenient to find a repair point even if there is a failure.
Independent unit: -5-18℃
——————Driven by independent power, it will not affect the refrigerated temperature of the goods even if it is stopped.
Manufacturer's suggestion:
For refrigerated trucks for long-distance transportation, independent refrigeration units are recommended for carriages above 7 meters
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