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Dongfeng Warrior M50, A Civilian Pickup Version Of Chinese Hummer H1

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Date: Sep 22,2021 View:2014

Long before SUVs ruled the world's roads, the ginormous Hummer H1 was a sight to behold, and dwarfed almost every other passenger vehicle on the market.

Dongfeng might be a couple of decades late, but the Chinese brand recently revealed its own civilian version of the H1, and it's just a utilitarian as the American truck, but gets a few luxuries thrown in.

Like the H1, the M50 is a body-on-frame vehicle, meaning that it's built for off-roading. It's powered by a Dongfeng-Cummins turbo-diesel engine that sits slightly behind the front wheels, making it a front-mid vehicle. 

This 4.0-litre lump produces 149kW and 600Nm of torque, which is sent to all four wheels through either a five or a six-speed manual transmission. While a 0-100km/h time isn't provided, it reportedly will top out at 120km/h.

On the inside, the cabin is very reminiscent of the H1 as the front-mid-mounted engine forces the centre console back towards the driver. In true Hummer style this centre console is also about as wide as your average hatchback.

While the interior looks very similar to the H1, the M50 gets a heap of modern tech, making the cabin a comfortable spot to be. It gets an eight-inch touchscreen infotainment display, automatic air conditioning, and a leather interior. 

Dongfeng Warrior M50 is available to order with prices starting at ¥668,800 which translates to $103,529. This is definitely not cheap for a pickup, but it gives you access to military technology, off-road credentials, bragging rights, and an unbeatable on-road presence.