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Customers Come To Our Factory To Inspect The Vehicle
Today, we welcomed a customer who inspected the car and he has strict requirements on quality. He is an important partner of our company, and what he is about to embark on is his newly purchased 35 seater bus. Because the bus he purchased was second-hand and refurbished, in order to ensure that every vehicle can meet the highest standards, he made a request to come to our factory for vehicle inspection, which we very much welcome. We would like to declare here that we welcome every customer to visit our factory and inspect the vehicle.

In the early morning, the door of the factory opened early. The customer walked into the factory with focused and rigorous eyes, as if he had a keen insight into the quality of the vehicle. They held inspection tools and were ready to start the 35 seater bus inspection journey.


Appearance And Workmanship

First, the customer inspected the appearance of the 35 seater bus in detail, looking at every detail from the body paint to the windows. Engineers patiently answer customers' questions and introduce every detail of the process to ensure customers are satisfied with the appearance.



Internal Equipment

Subsequently, the customer entered the car and inspected the passenger seats, air conditioning equipment, audio system, etc. one by one. During this process, our engineers not only provided professional explanations, but also demonstrated various vehicle functions to customers in detail. Customers spoke highly of the spaciousness and comfort of the car and the operating conditions of the equipment, and their satisfaction was palpable.



Safety Performance

However, customers are not satisfied with this, they focus on the safety performance of the vehicle. Inspectors carefully studied important parts such as the braking system, suspension system and emergency evacuation routes. Our engineers introduced in detail the safety design and response measures of the vehicle under various extreme situations, allowing customers to have a deeper understanding of the safety of the vehicle.


Test drive

Finally, the customer asked for a test drive, and we sent the car key to the customer. The customer started the engine and drove the car for five or six kilometers on the road outside the factory. During the driving process, the brakes were flexible and smooth. The customer said there was no problem with the vehicle at all.
The entire vehicle inspection process lasted several hours, and the customer and his team were obviously confident in the quality journey. In the end, the customer spoke highly of this used 35 seater bus and expressed that he was deeply satisfied with our company's workmanship and professional services.
This factory vehicle inspection is not only a comprehensive inspection of vehicle quality, but also a reflection of the tacit cooperation between our company and customers. During this vehicle inspection trip, we not only demonstrated our persistent pursuit of quality to our customers, but also laid a more solid foundation for our future cooperation.

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