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Foton Peru
Foton Peru
Foton Peru
Foton Peru
Foton Peru
Foton Peru
Foton G9 VIEW CS2 Peru
Foton Peru
Foton opens a new chapter in Peru. This minivan is known for its excellent performance and reliability, and provides a better choice for Peru's transportation. Foton Peru has also become a very popular word. Foton Peru brings to the Peruvian market a range of premium vehicle options, all equipped with advanced technologies that meet the high functional and safety requirements of Peruvian users. At the same time, Foton Peru is committed to providing customers with high-quality after-sales service and maintenance support, and creating a better transportation experience for Peruvian consumers.
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item value
Seats 16 - 30
Emission Standard Euro 5
Transmission Type Manual
Condition New/Used
Engine Capacity < 4L
Fuel Type Diesel
Place of Origin China
Brand Name Foton G9 VIEW CS2
drive mode 4x2, LHD and RHD available
dimension 5380*1920*2285mm
wheel base 3110mm
wheel track 1650/1650mm
Curb Weight 2190mm
engine model BJ493ZLQ4
engine power 70kw
max. torque 225N.m
front suspension double wishbone type torsion bar
rear suspension leaf spring 3+1
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