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diesel coach
diesel coach
diesel coach
diesel coach
Diesel Coach Bus
new diesel coach bus
Diesel coaches are ideal for long distance travel from city to city, state to state, and even country to country. For operating companies, the zhongtong bus new model is durable and profitable, which can not only improve your operating efficiency with higher reliability and durability, but also reduce your operating costs with lower fuel consumption. zhong tong lck6127H and zhongtong bus lck6125A are good choices.
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Coach Bus parameters 
  LCK6395H LCK6107H LCK6125H
 total length (mm)  9345 10500 11990
  total width (mm)  2480 2500 2540
  total height (mm)  3350 3620 3620 /3700 
  inner height (mm)  1940 2060 2060
  wheelbase (mm)  4600 5170 6000
  front/rear suspension (mm)   1970/2775  2150/3180  2585/3405 
  approach angle/departure angle (º)   11/9   11/9  8.5/8.5 
  height of a single step (mm)  420 430 380
  max total mass set by factory (kg)  12700 15000 18000
  rated capacity (person)   37+1+1  24-58  standard 49+1+1 
  max speed (km/h)  100 120 120
  luggage compartment volume  3.4 (3.9)  4.6 (through type)  8 (through type) 
Engine Specification
model  WP7.240E30/YC6J245-30/ ISB6.7E5225B/ISDE245 40  WP7.270E30/ISDE 270 30/ ISB6.7E5285/C245 20/YC6G270-20  WP10336N/ISLe375 30/ISLE+350/L360 20 
 manufacturer   Weichai/Yuchai/Cummins/DCEC  Yuchai/DCEC /Cummins/DCEC/Yuchai  Weichai/ DCEC/Cummins/ DCEC 
 position/fuel   diesel  rear, diesel  rear/diesel 
 type   inline-six cylinder, four-stroke, water-cooling, intercooling  6 cylinder, intercooling  straight 6-cylinder, 4-stroke, water cooling, intercooling, direct injection 
 max power (kw)   176/180/166/180  199/198/285/180/199  247/275/257/264 
 max torque (N.M)   1000/890/850/925  1000/970/1020/1025/1080  1500/1550/1550/1480 
 displacement (ml)   7140/6500/6700/6700  7140/6690/6700/8900/7800  9726/8900/8900/8900 
 cylinder diameter × stroke (mm)   108×130//105X125/107X124/107X124  108*130/107×124/107X124/114X135/112X132  126X130/114X144.5/114X144.5 
Chassis parameters 
  gearbox   Qijiang S6-100; option: Allison T270R                                                              optional for ISBE4 +225B  Qijiang 6S-100 (only for ISDE 270 30);                                                     Option: Jijiang S6-90/ QJ1205 manual gearbox ;                                  Option:  Allison T325 automatic gearbox (ISB6.7E5285)   Qijiang S6-160 
  clutch   φ395, single plate, dry clutch;                                                                       Option: φ420 dry monolithic clutch for WP7.240E30  single plate, dry, spiral spring clutch, φ420   imported clutch, φ430 single plate, dry wheel cylinder 
  front axle   4.2T  5.5t front axle   Dongfeng Dana 6.5T 
  rear axle   9T  11T   Dongfeng Dana 13T 
  suspension   multiple leaf spring 7/11 ; option:  air suspension (2/4 airbag)  air suspension with 6 airbag;                                                                       Option: multiple leaf spring (front 8, rear 11)   air suspension with 6 bags;                                                                                             Option:  multi-leaf spring (front 10/rear 11) 
  steering   integral power steering  integral power steering   integral power steering; Option:  ZF8098 
  brake   double circuit air brake, drum brake, KORMEE ABS                          Option:  automatic gap adjusting arm, front-disc rear-drum brake  double circuit air brake, front-disc rear-drum brake, KORMEE ABS, automatic gap adjusting arm, retarder;                                                          Option: WABCO ABS, rear disc brake  front-disc rear-drum brake, KORMEE ABS, automatic adjusting arm, eddy current retarder;                                                                                                             Option:  Telma eddy current retarder, VOITH hydrodynamic retarder 
  fuel tank   200L, behind front axle                                                                                                           Option: 300L 250L×2;                                                                                                         Option: 115L×2   300L*2 
  tire   10R22.5  11R22.5 (double coin), 6+1   295/80R22.5 (Giti)                                                                                                                      Option:  295/80R22.5 (Michelin) 
  accumulator/alternator   165A.h/150A+120A,140A+120A (Cummins engine)  2X195Ah/ 150A +120A, Cummins engine (140A+120A)   195Ah /150AX2 (Prestolite) 
  others   oil-water separator, dryer, clutch booster, air brake, retarder  Option: electromagnetic clutch, centralized lubrication     
  seat   2+2 arrangement; 37+1+1 seats; adjustable ZTZY3170 seat; folding armrest; safety belt for each seat; driver's seat ZTZY1050  Option:  lateral movement or pedal; ZTZY2070 tour guide seat  Zhongtong ZTZY3210 luxury aero seat (adjustable armrest and backrest); ZTZY1050 driver's seat; 35+1 ;                                                Option: safety belt for each seat; lateral movement and pedal; ZTZY2020 tour guide seat; ZTZY1052 driver's seat with airbag   Zhongtong ZTZY3210 luxury aeronautic seats (with adjustable armrest and adjustable backrest); ZTZY1050 driver's seat; 49+1+1                                         Option:  safety belt for all seats; lateral movement; pedal; ZTZY2020 tour guide seat; ZTZY1052 driver seat with airbag 
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