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Electric City Bus
10 to 80 seats electric city bus
The electric city bus adopts the engine of the first-tier international manufacturers, and the operation is simple and convenient. Air suspension and enlarged ventilation windows bring passengers a comfortable experience. Models with 10 to 80 seats are designed, and there are eight series to choose from, including Ankai electric bus, Higer electric bus, Zhongtong electric bus, and Yutong electric bus, with a cruising range of 250 kilometers to more than 450 kilometers. In addition, factors such as low energy consumption, fast charging mode, light weight, high level of safety protection, and convenient service also provide guarantees for the operation to achieve profitability.
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Bus model E8MAX LCK6122EVG XML6907
Length x width x height (mm) 8545x2550x3150 11990x2540x3280,3150 8995x2500x3350,3480
Maximum total mass (kg) 13300 12200 14500
Rated passenger (including driver) 14-80 10-42 24-60
Maximum speed (km/h) 100 70 100
energy consumption(kWh/100km) 44 / /
Rated power (KW) 100 80/160 /
battery power(kWh) 229 230 /
Driving range (equal speed method, km) 460 ≥300 250-300
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