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Golden Dragon School bus
Golden Dragon School bus
Golden Dragon School bus
Golden Dragon School bus 24-45 Seats School Bus uses low-back upholstered seats, large panoramic mirrors inside the bus, stop signs and speed limit devices. Equipped with a tire pressure alarm system and intelligence, the vehicle has a high safety factor, which can absolutely guarantee the safety of students. The drive system has low noise and is equipped with long-distance double flexible transmission, which is light and comfortable for gear shifting.
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  • Warm interior design, bright seating space. The vehicle has a flat floor design and the seat is in the form of a low backrest and a soft wrap. Large panoramic mirrors are available in the car. It adopts CAN bus instrument, ETA circuit breaker, Panasonic relay, imported VDO oil pressure sensor, imported Ampu connector and other safe and reliable electrical design, equipped with parking sign and speed limit device, and can also add tire pressure alarm system and intelligence. Counting system to further protect student safety.
  • Optimize system configuration to ensure safe driving. Front-extending engine arrangement with fuel tank anti-collision device and front and rear anti-collision beams. Disc brakes and new retarders can be used to improve the safety of the service brakes. A reasonable drive configuration makes the drive system less noisy. The clutch and travel brake are pneumatically assisted and equipped with long-distance double-flexible speed shifting. The shifting is light and comfortable. It provides a good driving environment for the driver and provides a stronger guarantee for the safety of the children. The suspension and steering system has been optimized and upgraded with front and rear stabilizer bars to significantly improve the handling and lightness of the vehicle and the stability of the roll to ensure safe driving. Optional front wheel tire emergency safety device, ABS car brake anti-lock system and other safety devices to further improve the safety factor of the vehicle!
Model series XML6601 XML6661 XML6721 XML6791
Length x width x height (mm) 5995x2400x2800,2940,3000 6645x2400x2940,3000 7245x2400x2940,3000 7900x2400x2940,3000
Wheelbase (mm) 3310 3650 4000 4600
Number of seats for young children 10-19,24-27 24-32 24-37 24-45
Number of seats for primary school students 10-19,24-27 24-32 24-37 24-42
Number of seats for primary and secondary school students 10-19 24-27 24-27 24-31
Seat and guardrail Student-specific seat, caregiver seat, full car seat belt, softening guardrail
Body Bearing type, constant pressure rigid body closed ring structure
Car window Push up and down to fix the tempered glass
Passenger door Pneumatic swing door, standard emergency safety door
rearview mirror Panoramic rear view mirror
air conditioning Optional Songzhi non-independent overhead air conditioner
Safety Facilities Flip parking signal arm, parking indicator light, mailbox anti-collision device
Gearbox Five-speed gearbox
Axle Front drum rear drum bridge
Steering gear Power steering
engine YC4FA115-40 YC4FA115-40 YC4FA130-40 YC4D140-41
Rated power (KW/r/min) 85/3200 85/3200 95/3200 103/2800
Maximum torque (N ● m / r / min) 300/1600-2400 300/1600-2400 340/1600-2400 450/1400-1800
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