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Yutong 6122 bus
Yutong 6122 bus
Yutong 6122 bus
Yutong 6122 bus
Yutong 6122 bus
Yutong 6122 bus
Yutong 6122 bus
Yutong 6122 bus 50-65 seater used
This Yutong 6122 is in good condition and has a spacious interior with a choice of 50 to 65 seats. Equipped with comfortable seats and advanced facilities, such as powerful air-conditioning and audio-visual systems, it provides passengers with a pleasant travel experience. In addition, the power system of this Yutong bus is efficient and reliable, using a diesel engine, and has excellent safety performance and braking performance. ZK6122 is a reliable, comfortable and safe choice for all kinds of long-distance travel and urban passenger transportation needs.
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Vehicle parameters/information ZK6122
Body length 12000mm
Body width 2550mm
Body height 3620,3695,3720mm
Curb weight 13710,13400kg
Total weight 18000kg
Seats 50-65
Max. speed 100km/h
AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEM Colin air-conditioning
Engine/motor parameters  
Engine WP10.336E53,YC6L330-50,YC6L330-58
Motor power 247,243,243kW
Displacement 9726,8424,8424mL
Brand of engine WEICHAI POWER
Emission standard GB17691-2005国Ⅳ,GB3847-2005
Chassis configuration  
Before hanging / rear overhang 2420/3330mm
Spring piece 10/11,
Gear box Fast/ mechanical transmission
Axle-number 2
Wheel base 6250mm
Axle load 6500/11500kg
front gauge 2020,2048,2070mm
rear track 1860mm
Close to departure angle 8/8,7/8°
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