50m3 Oil tanker semi trailer
50m3 Oil tanker semi trailer
50m3 Oil tanker semi trailer
50m3 Oil tanker semi trailer
50m3 Oil tanker semi trailer
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50000L(including 5% ullage space)Oil Transportation Semi-trailer
Item Q'ty The main parameters
The shape parameters The vehicle model / TS9408GRY
Dimensions / 12000*2500*3850mm

The frame configuration
Axle 3 PCE Huajin 13T axle
Suspension / steel suspension
Leg 1 SET JOST E100
Kingpins 1 SET JOST 90 #, assembled
Tire 12 PCE Linglong 12R22.5
Rim 12 PCE Xingmin 9.0-22.5
ABS 1 SET Kemi 4S / 2M (Chinese brand)
Brake system / Dual-circuit air brake system; service brake, parking brake, emergency brake (breathe brake)

Tank configuration
The toal volume of tank / 42000L(including 5% ullage space)
The number of compartment / 1 compartment
Material of tank Head / 5083 /6.5mm
Shell / 5083 /6.0mm
Anti-wave plate / 5083 /6.0mm
Manhole 2 PCE 20inch
Discharge system Bottom valve 1 PCE 4 inches aluminum alloy
Discharge valve 1 PCE 3 inches
Vapor Recovery System / No
Discharge pump / No
Delivery hose 2 PCE 3 inch rubber hose, with the pipe box
Fire extinguisher 2 PCE 8kg dry powder fire extinguisher
Ladder 1 PCE Steel
Tank top walkway 1 SET Carbon steel tank top anti-sliding walkway
Control box 1 PCE Carbon steel control box
Toolbox 1 PCE Carbon steel toolbox
Spare tire rack 1 PCE /
Lighting 1 SET LED lights
Reflective logo / 3M reflective logo
Safety Accessories / An anti-static drag strip, An antistatic reel, A Flammable liquids signs
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