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Coach Bus For Sale
If you are looking for high-quality buses, then our company is the ideal choice for you! We have a variety of brands and models of coach bus for sale, including Zhongtong bus, Dongfeng bus and Kinglong bus, etc. There are 60 seater bus, 55 seater bus, 50 Seater Bus, 35 Seater Bus and other options. The company focuses on providing high-quality vehicles, hoping to provide passengers with the most comfortable ride experience, and we also provide high-quality after-sales service, you can buy with confidence!



Zhongtong coach bus for sale

First, let's take a look at this Zhongtong coach bus for sale. This Zhongtong bus is a luxury bus with a total length of 14 meters and can carry 50 to 60 passengers at most. It uses the latest design technology and high-quality materials to ensure high speed operation in travel.
Its engine is Weichai WP10.336N, which has compact structure, powerful power, low noise and low emission; the suspension adopts air suspension system, which is excellent in shock absorption stability; Strong flexibility, can adapt to various road conditions.
At the same time, it is also equipped with comfortable seats, ambient lighting and air-conditioning systems, bringing passengers an unparalleled experience.



Dongfeng coach bus for sale

Secondly, we introduce a Dongfeng coach bus for sale, This Dongfeng bus has 35-50 seats. It is a medium-sized luxury bus, suitable for short-to-medium distance travel or business use.
It is equipped with a Sinotruk WD615.44 engine and a 6-cylinder 4-stroke water-cooled turbocharged diesel engine; the front suspension adopts a whale-style pneumatic suspension, and the rear suspension adopts a single-plate spring suspension, which has better comfort and stability. The transmission adopts Volvo 6DS150TA automatic transmission, 6 fronts and 1 rear, which can provide smooth shifting and stable power output, ensuring the safety and comfort of the bus during operation.
It adopts advanced technology and design concepts, and has excellent safety performance and comfort. It has a spacious interior, large seats, and is equipped with advanced air-conditioning systems and entertainment equipment to provide passengers with the best travel experience.



Kinglong coach bus for sale

Finally, we also have Kinglong coach buses for sale, this Kinglong bus has a passenger capacity of 55 to 68 people, with excellent quality and reliability.
It is equipped with a Chinese Cummins ISME11 420-horsepower engine with a maximum output torque of 1900 Nm; it is equipped with an ALLISON T390 6-speed automatic transmission; the front suspension bell-shaped airbag and the rear suspension four-link airbag suspension system make the ride more comfortable and stable; fan cooling The three-layer oil cooler system can better ensure the stability of the engine running state.
It features a modern design concept and high-quality materials for superior comfort and safety. The car has a spacious interior, soft and comfortable seats, and is also equipped with advanced air-conditioning systems and entertainment equipment, providing passengers with the ultimate travel enjoyment.


In summary, if you are looking for high-quality coach bus for sale, the Zhongtong 50-seater bus, Dongfeng 35-seater bus and Kinglong 55-seater bus offered by our company are all good choices. No matter you need long-distance travel or short-distance business activities, our vehicles can provide you with reliable, safe and comfortable services. If you want to buy these models or learn about other models, you can leave us a message or initiate an online chat at any time!

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