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How to choose a HOWO tractor truck?

Logistics, building materials, and construction machinery transportation are all inseparable from HOWO tractor trucks, and trucks are different from cars as production tools. After they are on the road, they become our daily partners. Therefore, it is very important to choose a suitable tractor truck. You can choose from the following several ways to choose.




Specifies the most frequently pulled goods and whether there will be frequent overloading:


If you are used to pull building materials or gravel, then the possibility of overloading is very high, you must consider our heavy-duty HOWO tractor truck. The vehicle's load-bearing capacity is affected by the frame, suspension and bridge, and it is also related to tires and drive shafts. These heavy-duty truck companies will make corresponding matches, so you can choose with confidence.

HOWO tractor trucks are generally divided into standard load version, heavy load version and super heavy load version. It is greater than 70 tons or greater than 90 tons. The heavy-duty version of the tractor generally chooses a two-layer beam frame, and the super-heavy version even chooses a three-layer beam frame.



Make clear the road you take most often and your usual speed:


If it is a plain area with good road conditions, you can consider JAC Tractor truck, high-horsepower engine, small speed ratio drive axle, speed and timeliness will be improved; if it is a hilly area or mountainous area with many steep slopes, you can choose Shacman tractor truck, large A drive axle with a horsepower and a slightly larger speed ratio; if it is an area with complex road conditions and speed limits, it is recommended to choose a double-stage drive axle.



Clarify your own needs:


In terms of the chassis and the cab, for example, the chassis needs to be equipped with daytime running lights, large fuel tanks, large batteries, front protection, etc. to meet convenience and safety; for example, the cab needs to be equipped with luxurious seats, reversing Radar, large-screen video system, independent air-conditioning system, etc. These requirements can choose the appropriate function configuration according to your own budget.



In addition to the above three aspects, we should also pay attention to the core power chain:


The core power chain of HOWO tractor truck refers to the engine, gearbox, and drive axle, which fundamentally affect the stability and economy of later driving.

(1) Engine: maximum horsepower, maximum torque, specific power. At present, the products of the mainstream head OEMs with these parameters are roughly the same, but there are also slight gaps. Horsepower represents the work that the engine can do per unit time; the definition of torque on the engine refers to the torque output by the crankshaft end; specific power is simply how much diesel fuel needs to be consumed to do a certain amount of work, such as 184mg/KWh, of course, the higher the value Lower means more fuel efficient.

(2) Gearbox: The most important thing for a gearbox is whether the shift logic is perfect enough.
(3) Drive axle: The primary factor of the drive axle is load bearing. According to different working conditions, the speed ratio should also be considered while selecting the load tonnage. The common speed ratio is 2.6~6.3. The smaller the speed ratio, the faster the vehicle runs, and the smaller the driving force. On the contrary, the larger the speed ratio, the slower the vehicle runs, and the greater the driving force. As for the drive axle, HOWO tractor truck does a very good job.
The above analysis is only for reference, and I hope it will be helpful for you to choose a tractor!

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