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Transit Bus Manufacturers
Whether in cities or towns, buses are part of the public transportation system and they provide a convenient way for millions of people to travel. As an outstanding transit bus manufacturer, next I will introduce the strength of our company. Below are the main highlights of our company and the reasons why you should choose us as your supplier.


Core Value

Our company's core value is to provide customers with excellent service and high-quality products. Here are the features our company is proud of:

1. Rich experience:

We are a transit bus manufacturer with rich experience. To be precise, we are a second hand bus refurbishment manufacturer.

We have accumulated many years of industry knowledge and professional skills. Our team consists of experienced engineers, designers and production personnel who are committed to providing high-quality, reliable used buses to meet the needs of our customers.


2. Customized solutions:

We understand the unique needs of buses in different cities and therefore provide customized solutions to ensure that each bus meets specific operational requirements.

We can adjust it to meet your needs based on factors such as seating capacity, power source, interior and exterior.


3. Quality standards:

We strictly follow international quality standards and safety regulations to ensure that each vehicle is fully overhauled and refurbished, ensuring that our customers are traveling in high-quality transportation.


4. High-quality manufacturing:

Our buses are renowned for their high quality, using advanced materials and workmanship to ensure their durability and reliability.

Our refurbishment factory is equipped with the latest equipment and technology to ensure each used coach       meets the highest standards.


5. Global influence:

Our buses are not only sold in the country but are also very popular in the international market. Our company has global influence and has successfully provided high-quality buses to customers in many countries.


6. Innovative technology:

We actively invest in R&D and innovative technology to ensure our buses remain at the forefront of the industry. We are constantly exploring new technologies to improve the efficiency, safety and comfort of our buses.


Service Area

Our services range widely, including but not limited to the following areas:

1. Second-hand bus refurbishment:

We provide comprehensive bus refurbishment services, including engine repair, interior modification, exterior painting and electronic equipment upgrade to ensure that the vehicle is improved both technically and visually.


2. Customer customization:

We allow customers to customize buses according to their own needs and budgets to meet different types of travel needs, including tourism, school buses, corporate buses and luxury travel.


3. Maintenance and upkeep:

We provide regular maintenance and upkeep services to ensure that our customers' vehicles remain in optimal condition and extend their lifespan.

4. Technical support:

Our team is always available to provide technical support to customers, solve problems and provide suggestions to ensure that customers' vehicles are always in the best working condition.


Customer Satisfaction

Our company has always considered customer satisfaction as the highest priority. We are not only committed to providing customers with excellent products and services, but we also actively listen to customer feedback to continuously improve and enhance our work.

Customer trust and satisfaction are our greatest motivation and the key to our success.


Contact Us

If you are looking for a reliable second-hand bus supplier, please contact us. We will provide a customized solution based on your needs and ensure your coach is in good condition. You can leave a message on the website to get more product-related information.
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