Coaster 30 Seater
Coaster 30 Seater
Coaster 30 Seater
Coaster 30 Seater
Coaster 30 Seater
Coaster 30 Seater
Coaster 30 Seater
Used Toyota Coaster 30 Seater $8,500-$11,500
This Coaster 30 Seater stands for superior quality and reliability. The spacious interior is designed to accommodate large groups, offering a comfortable seating layout and a premium ride experience. The bus is equipped with reliable engines and advanced technology to ensure smooth and efficient driving performance. Not only that, this Coaster 30 Seater is equipped with a variety of advanced safety features to provide additional protection for passengers. Whether it is tourism, business travel or group activities, this bus is an excellent choice.
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Outer dimension(mm) 8540*2500*3020/3200 8540*2500*3020/3200
Power(Kw) 90/160 90/160
Seats No. 16-30 16-30
High Speed (Km/h) 69
Braking system Double circuit air brake, spring energy storage brake (air), brake valve class
Tyre 255/70R 22.5-16
Inner of body Ordinary interior, whole car handrail
A/C system Optional
Audition system MP3 player, multi-channel video recording system with (32GSD card +6 probe + 7-inch LCD)
Others Fire extinguisher, safety hammer, emergency switch for inside and outside passenger doors, half-rolled front shade
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