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Yutong Bus For Sale
Yutong Bus For Sale
Yutong Bus For Sale
Yutong Bus For Sale
Yutong Bus For Sale
54 Seater Used Yutong Bus For Sale
Introducing this Yutong bus for sale, this Yutong bus provides passengers with an unparalleled premium travel experience with its stylish design and spacious interior. Yutong's advanced engineering technology ensures passengers a smooth and comfortable ride experience, making long-distance travel easy and enjoyable. In addition, this Yutong bus for sale has passed strict safety standard testing, so passengers and drivers can ride and drive with peace of mind.
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Vehicle parameters/information
Vehicle model ZK6899HA
Application Passenger bus, tourist bus, group bus
Engine model YC8J245-30
Power 180KW
Emission Standards Euro 3
Fuel type Diesel
Outside dimensions 8945*2480*3330
Tire specifications 7.50R20
Maximum speed 110 km/h
Condition Used
Color White,red,grey
Driver seat 39
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