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Things to consider when buying a uesd 6x2 tractor unit

Many of our customers purchase used 6x2 tractor units to meet the needs of cargo transportation. Because it is a second-hand car, they need to keep their eyes open and learn to identify the quality before buying. The high-quality and low-priced second-hand tractor is more worth buying for users. Quickly find and buy a suitable second-hand car, let’s take a look at some things to pay attention to before buying a uesd 6x2 tractor unit:


Factory time:

Our howo tractor head has a nameplate. There are various information on this plate, such as the date of manufacture, chassis number, etc. You can check the time from it. Another point is that the engine stamp number can also check the time. If the nameplate is lost, you can Check with the manufacturer through the VIN.

vehicle mileage:

Vehicles have a lifespan, especially for commercial vehicles like this, where wear and tear is relatively serious. Generally, after 150,000 kilometers of used sinotruk howo 6x4 tractor truck, a series of problems such as performance degradation and increased fuel consumption will appear. Of course, this mileage can be Adjustment, but an approximate mileage can be calculated by using time and frequency.


Exterior wear of the vehicle:

Check the whole vehicle to see if it is the original paint, whether it has been overhauled, whether there is any problem with the body wear, steering, etc.



The engine generally checks whether there are problems such as oil leakage and air leakage. In addition, we need to start the ignition to check the noise and see if there is blue smoke or black smoke from the exhaust pipe. Then check to see if the engine makes any abnormal noise when the transmission is changing gears.


Test run:

Before purchasing, be sure to start the vehicle for a trial run to see if the vehicle starts well and can start smoothly, as long as the clutch does not slip or vibrate. Check whether the shifting gear is smooth, and if there are no problems such as jumping out of gears, check the brakes. Last week, a customer came to buy a sinotruk howo 6x4 tractor truck. During the test drive, he ran more than 20 kilometers. Let the customer check whether the front and rear wheel steering is normal. After 20 kilometers, check whether the engine water temperature and oil temperature are normal.




Understand the needs of the vehicle clearly:

Before buying a second-hand tractor, you need to have a clear understanding of your own needs for the purchase, such as the brand or drive, horsepower or emissions, etc., so that you can choose a second-hand tractor with more goals when purchasing, and be able to quickly find it in various places. Choose from a wide range of used tractors to find the ideal model. There are many brands of our 6x2 tractor unit for you to choose, such as Sino Truck, SHACMAN Truck, FOTON Truck, DAYUN Truck, JAC Truck, BEIBEN Truck, CAMC Truck, these are all well-known international brands, drive, horsepower and emissions are all available Alternatives.


Make a good car budget:

There is no clear standard for the purchase price of a second-hand 6x2 tractor unit. The depreciation degree of different vehicles is different, and the cost will also vary greatly. However, we will replace the worn parts in advance, so that you will not have any problems during use. question. You can budget for a certain range of expenses for purchasing a second-hand tractor in advance, and you can ask for a new engine or exterior painting, etc., and finally get a satisfactory second-hand car.


Car purchase channel selection:

There are many sales channels for second-hand tractor units. Which channel we choose is very important. After all, the quality of vehicles in different channels is different. We must purchase through authoritative and guaranteed second-hand tractor unit platforms, and choose those with high reputation and popularity. brand. Our platform has a complete range of brands and types of used tractors, and there are models of various ages, performance differences, and price ranges, which can also fully meet some of your refurbishment requirements.



The above are some things to pay attention to when buying a second-hand tractor. The reason why you should pay attention to these matters is to choose a suitable vehicle more quickly and safely, especially to choose an honest second-hand tractor platform for purchase. Our company not only has reasonable prices, but also provides you with more definite services and guarantees in the subsequent use process, so that you can buy ideal and practical second-hand tractors at a cost-effective price. Welcome to leave a message on the website for consultation, and I will follow up your needs in time!

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