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What are the types of HOWO dump trucks?

Dump Trucks Classified by Purpose


Howo dump trucks can be divided into ordinary dump trucks, mining dump trucks and special dump trucks according to their usage.

(1) Ordinary dump trucks are light, medium and heavy dump trucks for road transportation. It is mainly responsible for the transportation of loose goods such as sand, soil, coal, and garbage.

(2) Heavy-duty and super-heavy dump trucks for non-road transportation, that is, mining dump trucks. Mining dump trucks are large-tonnage dump trucks used in mines or large-scale construction sites, mainly undertaking transportation tasks such as large-scale mines and water conservancy construction sites. Its length, width, height and axle load are not restricted by highway regulations, so it is recommended to be used in mines and construction sites.




(3) Special dump trucks refer to dump trucks with special compartments to meet the characteristics or special requirements of the goods being shipped. SINOTRUCK HOWO dump trucks have models designed for special purposes, such as swing arm automatic loading and unloading trucks, automatic loading and unloading garbage trucks wait.


Dump trucks are classified according to the direction of cargo dumping


Howo dump trucks can be divided into rear dump dump trucks, side dump dump trucks, and three-side dump dump trucks according to the direction of cargo dumping.

(1) Rear-tilting dump truck: The carriage is tipped backwards to unload the cargo. This dumping method is widely used in light, medium and heavy dump trucks, the left and right baffles are fixed, and the rear baffle opens upwards. As shown below:




(2) Side-tilting dump truck: the carriage is tipped to the left or right to unload the cargo. This kind of dump truck is suitable for places where the road is narrow and the direction of unloading is difficult to change. Compared with the backward dump truck, its structure is more complicated, the cost is higher, and the carrying capacity is less. Our SINOTRUCK HOWO dump truck has double-side tilt and single-side tilt. The single-side tilt dump truck compartment can only tip to one side. The direction of this kind of dump truck entering the cargo yard and the position of unloading are relatively limited. The side dump truck is shown in the figure below:




(3) Three-sided dump truck: its compartment can be tipped and unloaded in three directions: left, right, and backward. Although this dump truck has the advantages of unloading in three directions, its structure is more complicated than that of the backward dump truck, the curb weight is increased, and the cost is high.


Classification according to chassis carrying capacity and maximum total mass


HOWO dump trucks can be divided into light dump trucks, medium dump trucks and heavy dump trucks according to the chassis carrying capacity and maximum total mass.

(1) The vehicle body is within 6 meters and the load capacity is less than or equal to 6 tons is a light dump truck

(2) Medium-sized dump trucks with a body length of more than 6 meters and less than 8 meters and a load capacity of 6 tons to 13 tons

(3) The length of the body is about 9 meters, and the load capacity is greater than 13 tons. It is a heavy-duty dump truck


Classified by transmission system and drive form


Howo dump truck can be divided into mechanical transmission dump truck, hydraulic transmission dump truck and electric transmission dump truck according to different transmission systems. SINOTRUCK HOWO dump truck also has different series of models, such as single-axle dump truck, double-axle dump truck, front four rear eight dump truck, front four rear ten dump truck, etc.

(1) Most dump trucks below medium size are mechanically driven

(2) In order to improve their performance, heavy dump trucks often adopt hydra
ulic mechanical transmission


(3)Mining super-heavy dump trucks often use electric drive



In addition, all SINOTRUCK HOWO dump trucks adopt a unified matching hydraulic lifting assembly, which is safe and stable. The car body is made of international plates, and thicker plates can also be selected according to user requirements. Rear opening door, side opening door, three opening doors, heightened wall panels and other styles can be selected, and manual or hydraulic sealing covers can be added to the car body to meet the requirements of different environments.

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