Coaster Mini Bus
Coaster Mini Bus
Coaster Mini Bus
Coaster Mini Bus
Coaster Mini Bus
29 Seater Coaster Mini Bus $7,500.00~$12,500.00
The 29 seater Coaster Mini Bus is an ideal vehicle for business and travel. Equipped with a high-efficiency, low-noise 2.7L diesel engine, fuel economy, environmental protection and energy saving; the seats in the car are spacious and comfortable, and the configuration is complete. Moreover, this 29 seater Bus has easy and flexible steering, stable suspension, safety and reliability, and is the best choice for your travel.
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Price Used:$7,500.00~$10,500.00;New: $10,500.00~$12,500.00
Outer dimension(mm) 8540*2500*3020/3200 8540*2500*3020/3200
Motor mode TZ420XSTY646
Power(Kw) 90/160 90/160
Battery (Kwh) Dongfeng haibo 225.79 Dongfeng haibo 172
Seats No. 73/16-30 73/16-30
High Speed (Km/h) 69
Braking system Double circuit air brake, spring energy storage brake (air), brake valve class
Tyre 255/70R 22.5-16
Inner of body Ordinary interior, whole car handrail
A/C system Optional
Audition system MP3 player, multi-channel video recording system with (32GSD card +6 probe + 7-inch LCD)
Others Fire extinguisher, safety hammer, emergency switch for inside and outside passenger doors, half-rolled front shade
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