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Electric Bus Price
Our electric bus price is cheap, the power performance is good, the cruising range is more than 500 kilometers, the battery life is more than 4 years, and the whole vehicle is fully equipped.



Advantages of electric coach bus:

No pollution, low noise

Electric bus does not produce exhaust gas and exhaust pollution, which is very beneficial to environmental protection and has the reputation of "zero pollution". As we all know, pollutants such as CO, HC, NOX, particles, and odor in the exhaust gas of internal combustion engine vehicles will form acid rain, acid fog and photochemical smog. The motor noise is also small, and the noise is also harmful to human hearing, nerves, cardiovascular, digestion, endocrine, and immune systems.



Energy efficient and versatile

Studies have shown that the energy efficiency of electric buses has surpassed that of gasoline buses, especially in cities where the cars stop and go, the speed is not high, and the fuel consumption is astonishing. However, the electric bus does not consume electricity when it stops, and the electricity consumption for 100 miles is only about 1/5 of the cost of the fuel bus. Our electric coach bus have stable performance, short charging time, fast speed increase, long cruising range and strong climbing power.
On the other hand, the application of electric bus can effectively reduce the dependence on oil resources, and can use limited oil for more important aspects. The electricity charged by the storage battery can be converted from energy sources such as coal, natural gas, hydropower, nuclear energy, solar energy, wind power, and tides, alleviating people's worries about the depletion of oil resources.


Simple structure, easy to use and maintain

Electric bus is simpler in structure than internal combustion engine bus, with fewer running and transmission parts and less maintenance work. When AC induction motor is used, the motor does not need maintenance. More importantly, electric coach bus is easy to operate.



Disadvantages of electric bus:

battery pollution

Using an electric bus is not absolutely pollution-free. For example, using a lead-acid battery as a power source requires contact with lead during manufacture and use, and acid gas is generated during charging, which will cause certain pollution. The electricity used for battery charging will produce CO, SO2, dust, etc. when coal is used as fuel, but its pollution is much lighter than the exhaust gas of internal combustion engines. What's more, with the development of technology, other batteries can be used as the power source of electric vehicles, such as the development of hydropower, nuclear power, and solar charging. Moreover, most of the power plants are built far away from densely populated areas, causing less harm to humans, and the power plants are fixed, and the power plants also have relevant technologies for centralized treatment of harmful emissions before centralized discharge.



Electric Bus price

The difficulty of electric buses is that the energy stored per unit weight of the battery is too little, and because the batteries of electric vehicles are relatively expensive and have not yet formed an economic scale, the electric bus price is relatively expensive.Moreover, the technology of electric buses is not as perfect as that of internal combustion engine vehicles. The battery storage energy of electric buses on the market is small, and the mileage after one charge is not ideal. But our electric bus price is relatively low, about $13,000.00~$23,000.00. Moreover, our electric bus avoids the problems of small battery storage and unsatisfactory mileage, and can travel more than 500 kilometers on a single charge. However, from the perspective of development, with the advancement of science and technology, a series of problems of electric buses will be gradually solved, electric buses will gradually become popular, and their prices and operating costs will inevitably decrease.


At present, electric buses and fuel buses have their own advantages and disadvantages. If you have enough budget, choosing fuel buses also has its advantages,but our electric Buses are also becoming more and more mature in technology. No matter which bus you choose, we can provide after-sales protection. Please choose the right bus according to your own needs!
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