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Kinglong Bus Price
Our kinglong bus price and coaster bus price depend on the performance of the bus and the overall design level. The performance of a passenger car not only depends on the performance of each component, but also depends to a large extent on the coordination and cooperation of each component; the overall design level has a decisive impact on the design quality, performance and product vitality of the vehicle. Here are the prices of the three buses: 48 seater coach kinglong bus price, kinglong used coach bus price, 36 seater traveller bus price.

48 seater coach kinglong bus price

The 48 seater coach kinglong bus is equipped with push-out emergency windows, which can be combined with push-pull, closed and partial push-pull side windows. The emergency door is installed on the left side, and the sliding window of the front passenger door is optional, and the sliding window is optional for the driver's side window; the fuel tank door can be equipped with a single lock structure; the small compartment on the rear wheel and driven wheel is optional; the side entry is optional Gas or high air intake status; the engine compartment door can cancel the grille and other types of hatches and hatch grilles can be installed, and other types of rear wall can be installed, and the rear wall can be equipped with cooling grille.

Installation with satellite positioning function The driving recorder; the speed limit device is installed, the speed limit is 100km/h; the maximum net power of the engine (kW): 271; the third axle is a follower bridge, which cannot be lifted; optional high brake lights; optional side wall shape; Optional single-glass or double-glass front wall shape; optional rearview mirror; optional different structural types for the middle door and rear hatch; installation of driving area isolation facilities (optional for different structural forms); optional ETC vehicle-mounted device; Optional subgrade lights, small doors for fuel tank compartments, and small doors for battery compartments.

High back driver's seat (adjustable shock absorption), luxury BA02 seat (high back adjustable, non-transversely movable)/group type non-adjustable seat (high back non-adjustable, non-transversely movable) (group type), vehicle safety Belt, plastic-sprayed roller guardrail (the rear guardrail of the driver's seat has a guide backrest).
The kinglong bus price is about 30,000~33,900 US dollars, which is a relatively high cost-effective series.


Kinglong used coach bus price

The used coach bus market is a resource-oriented market. As the number of used coach bus in my country shows an accelerated development trend, the development of the second-hand bus trading market is also gradually growing. Because of our good reputation and after-sales support capabilities, our platform is in the industry competition The advantages are obvious, especially the sales of our Kinglong used coach bus are very good.

Used coach bus are derivatives of new coach bus and have many product attributes of new coach bus. The development of the new coach bus market determines the birth of the second-hand coach bus market, and the maturity of the new coach bus market determines the size of the second-hand coach bus market. Used coach bus transactions have the characteristics of "repetition". New coach bus are only traded once, while used coach bus may be traded several times; both parties to a new coach bus transaction are irreversible in one direction, while two parties to a used coach bus transaction are reversible in both directions; the used coach bus market lags behind the start of the new car market, but its scale will exceed that of new cars. Although the price of second-hand buses has fluctuated to a certain extent in recent years, the overall range is not large.
The price of the second-hand King Long long-distance bus series is about 10,000-11,000 US dollars, which is about 20,000 US dollars cheaper than the new King Long bus! Moreover, our second-hand buses provide refurbishment services and after-sales protection, so you can buy with confidence.


36 seater traveller bus price

Tourist coach is a passenger car designed and equipped for tourism. The layout of this vehicle ensures the comfort of passengers and does not carry standing passengers. In recent years, with the explosive growth of user demand, the improvement of transportation infrastructure, the innovation of tourist bus technology, safety and diversity, the tourist bus industry market has become more and more popular.
36 seater traveller bus group version is a full-load body, Youyi seat, 32000kcal Jinlong air conditioner, Q-3 luxury luggage rack, luxury instrument panel, domestic leather airbag shock-absorbing driver's seat, Longyi professional version, smart drive system , Standard automatic headlights, the price is 34000~35000 US dollars. Compared with the group version, the 36 seater traveller bus of the operation version has more explosion emergency devices, front tire pressure monitoring and alarm, lane departure warning, video monitoring, luggage compartment restraint, ESC+AEBS, and the price is 35,000~36,000 US dollars.

The above are the prices of several of our buses. Our kinglong bus price is generally at a medium to low level, and the price is relatively high. It saves costs for customers and also meets their needs. No matter which country you come from, we can deliver to your nearest port and provide you with after-sales protection. We have a lot of products, and the website does not fully present them. If you have any questions or want to get more specific prices for products, please leave a message on the website, and I will contact you immediately!
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